Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.

Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.
Check out the podcast and also check out the DVDS on this site. Check out the Power Pro collection. This is the only licensed and official Memphis Wrestling collection out there.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Memphis Memories Podcast Episode 74

Most Memorable Moments from Studio Wrestling Part 2

Memories  of Scott Bowden

Randy tells true story on last Power Pro Show

Guest Co-Host Beau James

Friday, April 24, 2020

Power Pro Complete Collection Special

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The Most Memorable Moments of Memphis Studio Wrestling Part  1

Monday, April 13, 2020

Memphis Memories Podcast Episode 72

On this weeks show we talk:
1. First Ever Wrestling Card at Mid South Coliseum
2. First Ever Sell Out at Mid-South Coliseum
3. Randy goes to WWF Pay Per View in Memphis.
4. Randy Talks about his relationship with Kurt Angle
5, Randy talks his first meeting with Rikisshi
6. Randy talks about helping Daniel Bryan set up Bible Study for the boys.   Talks about Bryan having negative things about Lawler and Randy getting upset.
5.  A funny Jeff Jarrett story where he had borrowed Randy's car.
6. Randy first meeting Jim Cornette plus Randy tells story about Jim throwing up and also a Jim story where police was called and a venue was lost.
Sean Reedy co-hosts and Sean and Randy talk Wrestle Mania.
Loaded Show!