Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.

Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.
Check out the podcast and also check out the DVDS on this site. Check out the Power Pro collection. This is the only licensed and official Memphis Wrestling collection out there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

First of all, I thank everybody for visiting this site and purchasing the DVDS and pictures.  It makes me even more obsessed to work hard to promote the legacy of Memphis Wrestling.

I am very honored that Jerry Jarrett offered me the chance to include his two great books on this site.  Hopefully, by the time you see this, the purchase option will be working. 

The primary purpose of this site is to give exposure to the history of Memphis Power Pro Wrestling and to expose the product to fans worldwide.

The Store section is on the right of the screen.  Please scroll down to see all the products that includes Books, DVDS and Pictures.

We have three specials.
#1:  The Complete Collection.  37 DVDS.  154 Shows.  $250   ($120 discount for entire library)

#2:  The Jim Cornette Collection  8 DVDS  Every Jim Cornette Experience.  Over thirty shows.   $65

#3:   The First Nine Months:  Every show from our very first show in April 1998 through December.  Nine DVDS    Over 35 full shows.

Free shipping with all orders. 

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