Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.

Listen to my Memphis Memories podcast, new show every Thursday.
Check out the podcast and also check out the DVDS on this site. Check out the Power Pro collection. This is the only licensed and official Memphis Wrestling collection out there.

Sunday, June 12, 2022


 Published on  June, 12, 1998

I have a ton of irons in the fire.    Between making a damn good living driving for Uber, plus getting back in the saddle with live streaming shows, I have ignored this website.    I thought I needed to do a brief update.

I started live streaming a few years ago with Facebook Live, then Twitter Live.  That evolved to doing shows on Happs TV on the Randy Hales Channel.   That gave us use to a great production platform and we were able to play great classic video and any pictures we wanted to use.   It was perfect.   But, it seems all good things to come to a end as Happs slowly went away, giving us no home.

After a long search, we found a platform with even better production than Happs TV and I am back.

All shows  stream to the Randy Hales FB, Power Pro Wrestling FB, @RBHales on Twitter, Randy Hales on Twitch and Randy Hales on Tic Toc.      

We are on every Monday and Tuesday at 7 PM CT, Live!    Mondays, we do a Power Pro Watch Along, co-hosted and produced by Adam Dunn.     Tuesday, join us for Talking Memphis Wrestling, I host, joined on a regular basis by Michael Saint John, Pat Trammell and Chris Ellis.    All of my shows are produced by Adam Dunn.  It has always been my mission to keep the legacy of Memphis Wrestling Alive and I encourage everybody to watch and support these shows.

Living The Dream Book, my story in Memphis Wrestling is still available for purchase on this website.

If you have show ideas, or any questions, email me at

Special Note:   We no longer offer Power Pro Wrestling Collection on DVDS.   We are working on a plan to stream.   We will update when we get more information.    

Thanks for  always supporting both me and Memphis Wrestling.

Randy Hales

The Owner, The Founder, The President of Power Pro Wrestling

Executive Director of Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame

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