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Jim Cornette visiting Eddie Marlin in October.  Be sure to purchase the DVDS of Jim Cornette in Power Pro Wrestling on this web site.

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I am thinking a lot about Brian, his family and friends this holiday season.   I miss him bad.

Randy Hales

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This is the only official place to order Power Pro Wrestling.   What is Power Pro Wrestling?   This was the last successful version of the historic Memphis Wrestling.   This series has never been released to the public.   Featuring the classic expect the unexpected style of Memphis Wrestling, the legends of Memphis Wrestling like The King Jerry Lawler, Superstar Bill Dundee and Handsome Jimmy Valiant, the great announcer Dave Brown, future Hall of Fame member Miss Jackie, world wide legends like Sid Viscous, Road Warrior Hawk and Jeff Jarrett, the Young Guns of Memphis Wrestling, Jim Cornette, the early career of Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan and much more.   The links to purchase this classic collection are on the right of the main page.  It is easy and it is affordable.  Each DVD will be signed by me, the owner, founder and president of Power Pro Wrestling. 
Randy Hales

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Great picture of Doug Gilbert being inducted into the Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame, along with his father Tommy and his brother Eddie. 

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Power Pro Wrestling Episode Guide

I hope this will be a great reference Guide for you.  The PPW library is grouped in volumes.   Each volume covers a month.   You can purchase Complette Collection of 37 DVDS or purchase each DVD Individually.  The complete Collection is the best value.

April 1998-April 2001
154 Live Television show from NBC Affiliate WMC-TV 5
Thousands of Live Events throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri

Power Pro Wrestling was a Memphis, TN. based Professional Wrestling Company that ran from April 1998 until April 2001 and produced 150 live television shows from NBC affiliate TV5 and produced live events at the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum and various other cities/towns in Tennessee, Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas.
During much of our tenure, we had a working relationship with the WWF, now the WWE. Power Pro Wrestling was one of the first developmental territories for the WWF.
During the three-year history, Power Pro featured Memphis Wrestling legends like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Austin Idol, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Miss Texas, The Fabulous Ones, The Fabulous Free Birds, Koko B Ware, Tommy Rich, Tommy Gilbert, Doug Gilbert, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Jim Cornette, Sid Viscous, Downtown Bruno, Brandon Baxter, Stacy the Cat Carter, Moondog Spot, Billy Travis, Wolfie D and many more. We had occasional appearances at live events from great Superstars like The Rock, Kane, Fabulous Free Bird Michael Hayes with one appearance by Free Bird Terry Gordy. Road Warrior Hawk, Mick Foley, Mabel, Sir Mo, Road Dog Jessie James, Double J Jeff Jarrett, Brian Christopher with appearances by his WWE partner Scotty To Hotty, the great Mae Young and many more. We also in the developmental program, were able to showcase to the Memphis Wrestling fans, future stars, some turned Hall of Fame members like Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, Spanky,  Victoria, Jr Smooth who was in Power Pro before he became Rikisshi, Matt "Baldo" Bloom, before he became A Train and became the current Head Trainer of NXT, Shawn Stasiak and more. We had the pleasure of also developing local talent like Derrick King, Alan Steel, Blade, Kid Wikkid and many more. Also appearing from WWE developmental were Mean Street Posse, Steve Bradley, Viscous Vic Grimes, Erin O'Grady who later became Crash Holly, Mic Tierney and more.
Power Pro Wrestling also presented the only prime time TV Wrestling show ever presented in Memphis on TV5, July 4th of 1998, the Rumble on the River. The two most successful shows we promoted in Memphis was at the Coliseum and were the Blast Off At  The Dome and Malice In the Palace. Power Pro also had a very successful run of sell outs at the Earl Bell Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
The live shows were produced live every Saturday mornings at 11am from the WMC-TV5 studio’s, 1960 Union in Memphis.   The shows were produced by Power Pro Wrestling, owned by Randy Hales.   Hosted by long time Memphis television personality Dave Brown and co-hosted by Corey Maclin.   Shows written by Randy Hales  with creative input from Brandon Baxter, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. 


Show #1:   April 18, 1998
Open Video (Voice over with video of historic Memphis Sites)
Live Opening with Dave Brown and Corey Maclin   (Balloon drop)
Match:  Spellbinder VS Paul Diamond
Live Interview: Randy Hales   (Plans for Power Pro Wrestling)
Video Interview Bumper:   Jim Cornette
Video:  TV Tickets
Live Interview at Set:   Austin Idol
Video: Power Pro on Tour
Pretape Video:  Bill Dundee
Live Interview:   Jerry Lawler  (enters on throne)   (Stacy the Kat Carter)
8 Man Young Gun Match: Blade, Jade, Bobby Bronze and Yellow Jacket vs Kid Wikkid, Jason Lee. Derrick King and Yellow Jacket
Video Interview Bumper: Rock N Roll Express
Pretape: Brian Christopher Promo
Match: Final Confrontation:  Jerry the King Lawler vs Superstar Bill Dundee (Austin Idol interferes)
Set: Interview Bill Dundee   Close

Show #2  April 25, 1998
Recap Last Week’s Show
Live Opening with Dave Brown and Corey Maclin
Bill Superstar Dundee VS Tony Falk (Brandon Baxter debuts with Power Pro Wrestling)
Video: On Tour
Set: Interview: Samantha
Match: Paul Diamond  VS The Spellbinder  (Billy Travis interferes)
Pretape:   Interview: Kid Wikkid
Match:  Kid Wikkid and Derrick King VS Lance Jade and Bobby Brownze
Set:  Interview: Randy Hales, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee (Beginning of Randy/Lawler feud, Dundee and Lawler brawl, Stacy Carter)
Set: Interview: Brian Christopher
Match: Brian Christopher VS Billy Travis
Christopher Attacked by Travis
Show Close

Show #3 May 2, 1998
Recap:  Last Week on Power Pro
Live Open with Dave Brown and Corey Maclin
Match:  Derrick King and Kid Wikkid VS Lance Jade and Bobby Bronze
Video: On Tour
Set: Interview:   WWE Hall of Famer Handsome Jimmy Valiant (Brandon Baxter Interrupts)
Match: Paul Diamond VS Ashley Hudson
Match:  Tony Falk VS Spellbinder
Set: Interview: WWE Hall of Famer Jackie (Derrick King and Samantha out, brawl)
Set: Interview: Jerry Lawler
Match:  Jerry Lawler VS Tracy Smothers
Set: Interview: Bill Dundee
Set: Interview:  Jimmy Valiant (Attacked by Baxter, King, Wikkid
Set: Interview: Brian Christopher
Match:   Stretcher Match: Brian Christopher VS Billly Travis
Show Close

Show #4  May 9, 1998
Recap Last Week’s Power Pro Wrestling
Match: Battle Royal for Young Gun’s Championship   (won by Kid Wikkid) (Former WWE talent Nick Dinsmore (Euegene) and Rob Conway in Battle Royal)
Match:   Conclusion o Young Gun’s Battle Royal
Video: On Tour
Set Interview: Jackie (Miss Texas)  (Derrick out to ask Jackie to marry him, Sam out.Brawl)
Video: TV Tickets
Set: Interview: Bill Superstar Dundee
Match:   Bill Dundee VS Jason Lee
Set:  Dundee and Billy Travis Confrontation
Video: Live Tour
Match: Spellbinder/Brian Christopher VS Paul Diamond/Billy Travis
Match: Continues   (Mo rom Man On a Mission from WWE debuts and attacks BC, Dundee saves)
Set: Dundee Interview
Match: Tony Dennuci VS Derrick King  (Mo does commentary)
Set: Brian Christopher attacks Mo/Show closes
Show #5 May 16, 1998
Recap Last week’s Power Pro Wrestling
Set: Interview: Brandon Baxter
Match:  Miss Jackie VS Paula Bunyon
Set: Interview: Derrick King  (big confrontation that includes Jackie)
Video:  Power Pro On Tour
Match: 8 Man Young Gun’s Tag Elimination Match:  Winner Receive Young Gun Championship match
Bobby Bronze, Lance Jade, Ashley Hudson and Blade VS Derrick King, Reality, Yellow Jacket (Kevin Lawler, Swole
Match Continues: Won by Ashley Hudson
Interview: Ashley Hudson (Kid Wikkid out for confrontation
Video: On Tour
Match: Young Gun’s Title Match:  Kid Wikkid VS Ashley Hudson

Interview: Brandon Baxter (Debut of Reggie B Fine as master B)
Match: Spellbinder vs Sir Mo
Set: Interview: Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
Match: Lawler and Dundee vs Master B and Paul Diamond
Show #6  May 23, 1998
Show Open
Match: Sir Mo VS Spellbinder
Set: Interview:  Brandon Baxter
Set: Interview: Tony Falk (Derrick King)
Set: Falk, King, Jackie, Samantha Segment
Set: Interview: Kid Wikkid
Match: Lance Cade VS Bobby Bronze

Set: Interview: Jerry Lawler and Stacy the Kat Carter
Match: Master B VS Ashley Hudson
Set: Interview: Bill Dundee and Samantha
Match: Bill Dundee VS Kid Wikkid
Match: Jerry Lawler & Stacy VS Paul Diamond and Brandon Baxter (Mixed Match)

Show #7:   May 30, 1998
Match #1: Kid Wikkid VS Bobby Bronze
Set: Interview: Brandon Baxter, Tony Falk and Bill Travis
Set: Interview: Randy Hales
Set: Interview: Jerry Lawler
Jerry Lawler introduces his team for Ten Man Main Event
Kid Wikkid Interview:  (Jade and Bronze Out)
Match #2: Spellbinder VS BJ Awesome (changes name from Sir Mo)
Match #3: Ten Man Tag: Tony Falk, Paul Diamond, Derrick King, Brandon Baxter and Billy Travis VS Jerry Lawler, Stacy, Miss Jackie, Samantha and Bill Dundee
Show Conclusion:  Randy Hales announces upcoming Blast Off In the Dome  Lawler VS Kane, Stacy out and slaps Randy as show goes off air
Show #8   June 6, 1998
Recap of Last Weeks Power Pro Wrestling (Randy announce match and is slapped by Stacy
Match #1: Ashley Hudson VS Sir Mo  (Spellbinder attacks)
Match #2: Spellbinder VS Sir Mo
Set: Interview: Jackie, Derrick King out,)
Match #3.  Mixed Match:  Brandon Baxter VS Miss Texas
Video: Kane and Paul Bearer Interview
Set: Interview Randy Hales:   Lawler Out to talk about Stacy being suspended, Lawler slaps Randy
Match: Lance Jade vs Bobby Bronze VS Kid Wikkid Young Gun’s Triple Threat Match
Match: Main Event:  Billy Travis VS Bill Dundee

Show 9 June 13, 1998
Highlights of last week's brawl
Bill Dundee/Godwinns Interview
Brandon Baxter/Tracy Smothers Interview
Lance Jade vs Tracy Smothers
Brandon Baxter/Billy Travis Interview
Jackie/Baxter/King Segment
Derrick King vs Tony Falk
Master B vs Blade
Randy Hales talks about Blastoff in the Dome (Shows clips of Kane in action)
Paul Bearer and Kane Interview
Brian Christopher Interview/Road Dogg Interview
Brian Christopher vs Kidd Wikkid
Double J Jeff Jarrett/Tennesee Lee Interview
Brandon Baxter/Billy Travis Interview
Bill Dundee and The Godwinns vs Tracey Smothers, Billy Travis, and BJ Awesome

Show #10  June 20, 1998
Blade vs Koko B. Ware
Moondog Spot Debut
Jerry Lawler Interview
Paula Bunyan vs Stacy
Midnight Express Promo
Brandon Baxter/Billy Joe Travis Interview
Bobby Bronze vs Billy Travis
Brandon Baxter Segment--Confrontation with Station Manager-Baxter gets fired
Derrick King proposes to Jackie-She challenges him to a match
BJ Awesome vs Mabel (big brawl erupts)
Billy Joe Travis interview
Moondog Spot vs Jobber
Clips of Kane vs Undertaker from RAW IS WAR
Kid Wikkid Interview--trashes Jerry Lawler (Lawler burns Wikkid)

Show #11: June 27, 1998
Tony Falk, Yellow Jacket, and Swole vs Lance Jade, Ashley Hudson, Bobby Bronze
Spellbinder interrupts match--destroys everyone--proclaims he is no longer the Spellbinder
Blastoff in the Dome Highlights
Derrick King vs Kidd Wikkid
Clips of Baxter's confrontation with TV 5 Station Manager
Brandon Baxter Interview
Highlights of Lawler vs Kane
Jim Cornette Promo about Lawler burning Kane
Brian Christopher and Mabel Interview
Brian Christopher and Mabel vs BJ Awesome and Master B
Jerry Lawler "apologizes" and "Retires" --Randy Hales comments
Bill Dundee/Samantha Interview
Highlights of Koko B. Ware/Dundee Brawl
Dundee and Ware brawl again
Koko B. Ware vs Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter tries to burn the American flag--TV 5 station manager confronts him

Show 12:  July 4, 1998  Live Prime Time Show  Rumble On The River
Dr. Tom Prichard vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Brandon Baxter Segment
Randy Hales interview-Crowns a new King--The Giant King
Handicap Match: Giant King vs 3 Jobbers
*Street Fight* Billy Joe Travis vs Bill Dundee (Jerry Lawler calls in)
Brandon Baxter Segment (Brandon has to say Pledge of Allegiance-gets red, white, and blue paint thrown on him)
Rumble on the River Battle Royal--weapons allowed    Winner: The Moondog 
Jerry Lawler arrives--Lawler/Stacy/Hales/Giant King brawl

Show 13: July 11, 1998
Clips of Rumble on the River
Randy Hales Interview
Streak Interview
Streak vs Tony Falk
Brian Christopher Interview (Kid Wikkid Interrupts)
Moondog Spot and Bill Dundee vs Billy Joe Travis and Bulldog Raines
Brandon Baxter Interview (Heinreich Franz Keller debuts)
Heinreich Fran Keller vs Swole
Koko B. Ware vs Lance Jade
Kidd Wikkid vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Lawler/Stacy interview--they are all beat up.
Lawler segment harassing people in the control room.
Lawler interview--Shouting about the Giant King (Lawler busts Randy's winshield with baseball bat)

Show 14: July 18, 2018
Clips of Lawler smashing in Randy Hales windshield
Kid Wikkid and Derrick King vs Bill Dundee and Robert Gibson
Randy Hales statement on Lawler
Footage from RAW where Giant attacks Lawler
Lawler interview in wheelchair--Hales confrontation
Lawler attacks Hales
Billy Joe Travis and Bulldog Raines vs Lance Jade and Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter and Heinreich interview
Yellow Jacket vs Heinreich Franz Keller
Streak Interview
Streak vs Jobber
Bill Dundee/Samantha Interview--Koko B. Ware attacks Dundee
Rocky Maivia Interview
Brian Christopher Interview
Brian Christopher vs Koko B. Ware
Randy Hales Interview--Exposes Lawler-Lawler and Hales brawl in parking lot, ending in Hales running down the street in his boxers.

Show #15: July  25, 1998
Jerry Lawler takes over control room
Streak vs Master B (Brandon Baxter and Heinreich brawl with Streak at the end)
Lawler interview in studio
Highlights of Silva/Lawler from Malace in the Palace
Ashley Hudson vs Heinreich Franz Keller (w/Brandon Baxter)
Baxter/Keller/referee segment
Tony Falk vs King Cobra
Randy Hales Interview in wheelchair (Lawler Interrupts)
Footage of Brian Christopher/Rock from Malace in the Palace
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Derrick King (King is in "The Rock" personality)
Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee vs Bulldog Raines and Billy Joe Travis (Big Brawl at end)

Show 16: August 1, 1998
Highlights of last week
Lawler Interview from Production Room
Elimination Tag Match:
Tony Falk, Bulldog Raines, Derrick King, and Kid Wikkid
Brian Christopher, Streak, Lance Jade, and Ashley Hudson
Hales and friends attack Lawler in Production Room
Brandon Baxter interview
Lawler is taken away in an ambulance
Master B vs Heinreich Franz Keller
Randy Hales Interview
Brian Christopher Interview-showdown with Randy Hales
Koko B. Ware Interview
Koko B. Ware vs Bill Dundee
Billy Travis vs Brian Christopher (Lawler returns from the hospital)
Show 17: August 8, 1998
Highlights of last week
Jerry Lawler Interview
Brian Christopher vs Billy Travis
Brian Christopher Interview
Hales' thugs attack Brian, Lawler save
Baxter Interview
Dundee Interview
Bill Dundee vs Koko B. Ware
Hales Interview
Lance Jade and Ashley Hudson vs Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Streak
Lawler/Hales/Stacy segment
Jerry Lawler and Stacy vs Billy Travis and Randy Hales (Huge Brawl at end)

Show #18  August 15, 1998
Randy Hales Interview
Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller vs Ashley Hudson and Bill Dundee
Hales/Lawler/Stacy segment
Baxter/Travis interview (Hales fires Brandon Baxter)
Streak vs Derrick King vs Kidd Wikkid
Lance Jade vs Ashley Hudson
Dundee Interview
Lawler and Stacy vs Billy Travis and Randy Hales (Loser gets Head Shaved)
Randy Hales Head Shaving

Show #19: August 22, 1998
Brandon Baxter Interview
Streak vs  ?
Highlights of triple threat match last week
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King Segment
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King vs Bulldog Raines and Heinreich Franz Keller
Tony Falk vs Bill Dundee (Ashley Hudson/Dundee brawl)
Randy Hales Interview (Stacy and Brandon Baxter interrupt-Baxter says Stacy is cheating on Lawler with him)--Lawler makes the save
Lance Jade vs Ashley Hudson
Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler vs Hales' thugs

Show #20  August 29, 2998
Hales/Travis/Thugs Interview-confrontation with Lawler
Kid Wikkid vs Derrick King
Stacy Interview
Randy Hales/Jerry Lawler Segment
Brian Christopher Interview--Streak Interrupts (Hilarious)
Brian Christopher vs Streak
Bill Dundee vs Ashley Hudson
Jerry Lawler vs Billy Travis (Lumberjack Match-Lumberjacks selected by Hales-if Lalwer wins, he gets Hales alone in the ring)
Lawler attacks Hales at the end--Travis and Lawler brawl

Show 21: September 5, 1998
Randy Hales interview--He is later locked in a cage and must stay there the entire show
Jerry Lawler vs Billy Travis
Hales/Lawler segments
Tony Falk vs Robert Gibson
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King Segment
Derrick King vs Australian Sensation
Streak Interview
Brandon Baxter interview-Stacy interrupts
10 Man Tag Match w/Weapons:
Jerry Lawler, Robert Gibson, Streak, Lawler's Army guys in masks
Billy Travis, Heinreich Franz Keller, Bulldog Raines, Bodyguard, ??

Show #22 September 12, 1998
Lance Jade vs Billy Travis
Bulldog Raines and Keller vs Robert Gibson and Jason Gibson
Randy Hales interview--calls Brian Christopher out
Lawler/Christopher confrontation
Bill Dundee Interview
Bill Dundee vs Derrick King
Randy Hales/Streak interview
Streak vs Bodyguard
Stacy/Randy Hales interview--Brandon Baxter Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Brian Christopher

Show #23   September 19, 1998 
Highlights of last week
Jerry Lawler and Stacy Interview
Introduces Handsome Jimmy Valiant
Downtown Bruno Interview--Randy Hales Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee
Brian Christopher/Randy Hales Interview
Streak Interview
Streak vs Bulldog Raines
Stacy/Randy Hales segment (Brandon Baxter Interrupts)
Hales/Buddy Wayne Interview
Sid Vicious debuts--Interview
Jerry "The King" Lawler vs "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher (Special referee: Jimmy Valiant)
Lawler/Hales mock match

Show 24   September 26, 1998
Highlights of Sid returning last week
8 Man Elmination Match for $2500
Streak, Lance Jade, Blade, and Derrick King
Bodyguards, Kidd Wikkid, and Bulldog Raines
Randy Hales Interview (Bruno Interview)
Samantha vs Vicious Vicki
Jerry Lawler Interview (About Andy Kauffman)
Stacy/Hales/Baxter Segment
Billy Travis/Brian Christopher Interview
Billy Travis and Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee

Show 25: October 3, 1998 
Randy Hales/WWF Talent Interview
10 Man Tag Match
Sid segments throughout the show
Streak in action
Jerry Lawler vs Giant Silva
Brawl featuring Sid, Lawler, Hawk, Bart Gunn at end

Show #26:  October 10, 1998
Highlights of Settle the Score
Sid/POB Arrival
Randy Hales interview—introduces Hawk from LOD—Hawk Interview
Bulldog Raines and Billy Joe Travis vs Lance Jade and Streak
Brandon Baxter/Stacy Interview—Randy Hales interrupts and insults Baxter and his family. Baxter attacks Hales, then Baxter gets jumped by Billy Joe Travis—BB gets put in the dumpster
Bill Dundee Interview
Ashley Hudson & Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee & Derrick King
Sid Interview
Jerry Lawler Interview
Chicago Street Fight: Jerry Lawler vs Road Warrior Hawk

Show #27:  October 17, 1998
Randy Hales Interview-Introduces Carl Leduc-Lawler attacks
Bulldog Raines vs Streak
Brandon Baxter Interview
Randy Hales Interview
Lance Jade & Blade vs Master B and Brian Christopher
Hales/Dundee Interview, calls out the young talent (GREAT!!!!!!)
4 Corners Match:
Derrick King vs Bill Dundee vs Kid Wikkid vs Ashley Hudson
Coward Waves the Flag: Rex King w/Hales vs Jerry Lawler w/Dundee

Show 28: October 24
Highlights from last week
Ashley Hudson vs Streak
Lance Jade vs Derrick King
Sid Interview
Sid and POB segment--give Hales' thugs lashings
Bill Dundee Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Bill Dundee
Rex King/Randy Hales Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Rex King
Parking Lot Brawl at the end

Show 29: October 31, 1998   HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 
Wrestler's in Costume come out--Matches in Costume, losers have to unmask-winners advance to Mascarade Maul
Gravedigger and Dr. Frank vs Killer Clown and Gene Simmons
President Clinton vs The Bulldog
Freddy and Leatherface vs Popeye and Batman
Randy Hales Interview--Brandon Baxter tars and feathers
The Snowman vs The Wolfman
Masquerade Maul-Elimination match for the championship
Batman, Wolfman, Popeye, Bulldog, Dr. Frank, Killer Clown, President Clinton, GraveDigger

Show 30 November 7, 1998
(First minutes is John Glenn footage==TV 5 interrupted PPW for this) (WWF sends in developmental talent, this is first day for that talent) 
Highlights of last week
Hales Interview
Young Guns Title: Kid Wikkid vs Erin O'Grady
*Street Fight* Brandon Baxter vs Randy Hales (Vic Grimes debuts and attacks Baxter)
Shawn Stasiak, Baldo and Vic Grimes Debut (Randy Hales new Syndicate is formed)
*Boomerang on a Pole Match* Bill Dundee vs Ashley Hudson
Brandon Baxter is taken away in an Ambulance
Shawn Stasiak vs Lance Jade
Show 31:  November 14, 1998
Randy Hales Interview-Brian Christopher promises to EXPOSE Jerry Lawler later in the show
Baldo Interview
Baldo vs Streak
Shawn Stasiak Interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Lance Jade
Jerry Lawler Interview
Derrick King vs Erin O'Grady (Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales Interview with Vic Grimes
Vic Grimes vs Bulldog Raines
Brian Christopher Interview-face to face with Jerry Lawler (He exposes Lawler)-Stacy and Bill Dundee interrupt
Brian Christopher vs Bill Dundee
Lawler and Stacy brawl with Dundee and Samantha as Brian Christopher laughs to end the show.

Show 32: November 21   Format Missing,
Hot Open
Interview:  Randy Hales and The Syndicate
Light’s Go Off In Studio:  Syndicate Panic’s.   Blames Baxter
Interview:  Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
Triple Threat Match: Derrick King VS Kid Wikkid vs Erin O’Grady aka Crash Holly
Don Bass VS Johnny Morton
Brandon Baxter On TV Station Roof
Viscous Vic Grimes VS Streak
Mic Tiernay VS Blade
Jerry Lawler and Stacy VS Bill Dundee and Stacy
Show 33: November 28
Syndicate segment-Tony Falk is stuck on the roof
Hardcore Streetfight: Streak and Bulldog Raines vs Vic Grimes and Baldo
Jerry Lawler and Stacy interview (Lawler talks about the Jim Carrey incident)-Shawn Stasiak interrupts
Young Guns Title: Erin O'Grady vs Kid Wikkid (Wikkid wins Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales interview with Ugly Ed Johnson
Mic Tierney vs Lance Jade
Mic Tierney Interview
Randy Hales interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Tony Falk
Shawn Stasiak reveals he has trapped Stacy upstairs in her bra and panties-Lawler attacks
Lawler Interview

Show #34: December 5, 1998
Randy Hales/Tony Falk Segment
Vic Grimes vs Bulldog Raines
Brandon Baxter Interview
Young Guns Title: Four Corners Match:
Derrick King vs Lance Jade vs Kid Wikkid vs Erin O'Grady
Brian Christopher Interview
Dundee/Stasiak/Christopher Brawl
Mic Tierney vs Yellow Jacket
Randy Hales/Syndicate Interview
Baldo vs Blade
Brandon Baxter Interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Streak
Bill Dundee vs Brian Christopher

Show #35: December 12, 1998
Derrick King vs Lance Jade (Mic Tierney segment)
Jerry Lawler Interview (Stasiak/BC/Dundee interfere)
Ken Raper vs Streak
Mic Tierney Snaps
Vic Grimes and Baldo vs Raines and O'Grady
Randy Hales Interview
Shawn Stasiak and Brian Christopher vs Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee
Brandon Baxter takes Randy Hales car

Show #36: December 19, 1998
Jerry Lawler's Tour of his rooms at his house airs throughout the show
Erin O'Grady vs Brian Christopher
Shawn Stasiak vs Blade
Mic Tierney Interview
Mic Tierney vs some Guy from the audience
Kid Wikkid Segment
Lance Jade vs Derrick King (Young Guns Title)
Christopher/Stasiak invade Lawler's house during the tour
Xmas brawl

Show #37: December 26, 1998 
*Year in Review Show* Year End Awards presented throughout the show
Year in Review Clip
Bill Dundee Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Lance Jade (Young Guns Title)
Randy Hales Interview-Gives Tony Falk Award
Mic Tierney vs Bulldog Raines
Lawler&Stacey/Dundee&Samantha Confrontation
Wrestler of the Year Battle Royal

Power Pro Wrestling:
Match Listings

Show #38 January 2, 1999
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs Jerry "The King" Lawler (w/Stacy)
Shawn Stasiak interview--Lawler/Stacy confrontation--Stasiak burns Stacy
Young Guns Title: Lance Jade vs Baldo
Vic Grimes, Tony Falk, and Kidd Wikkid vs Derrick King, Blade, and Bulldog Raines
Streetfight: Randy Hales vs Brandon Baxter
Mic Tierney vs Streak
Bill "Superstar" Dundee "Wrestler of the Decade" Interview

Show #39: January 9, 199
Highlights of last week
Baldo vs Blade (Mic Tierney Commentates)
Mic Tierney snaps at announce table
Jerry Lawler Interview
Brian Christopher and Shawn Stasiak Interview
Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee vs Shawn Stasiak and Brian Christopher
Stasiak and Christopher lock Lawler in a cage
Stasiak/Christopher Interview
Lance Jade vs Kidd Wikkid vs Derrick King
Stasiak interview on the way to Lawler's house
Randy Hales Interview
Vic Grimes vs Billy Travis
Tony Falk vs Brandon Baxter
Lawler/Stasiak confrontation at Lawler's House

Show #40 Saturday January 16, 1999
Venom vs Bulldog Raines
Shawn Stasiak vs Bill Dundee
Erin O'Grady vs Vic Grimes
Handicap Tag Match: Brandon Baxter vs Randy Hales and Tony Falk
Lance Jade vs Derrick King
Young Guns Title: Baldo vs Kid Wikkid
Lawler/Christopher/Stasiak/Dundee angle at Lawler's house

Show #41: Saturday January 23, 1999
Ricky Morton vs Derrick King
Bill Dundee vs Venom
Shawn Stasiak/Jerry Lawler angle--parking lot brawl and handcuffing scene at the end
Streak vs Brian Christopher
Tony Falk as "Boy Tony"
Vic Grimes and Baldo vs Erin O'Grady and Bulldog Raines
Kid Wikkid Interview
Lance Jade vs Koko B. Ware

Show #42: Saturday January 30, 1999
Highlights of New Daisy Show
Jerry Lawler Interview/Shawn Stasiak Interview
Randy Hales/Bruce Pritchard Segment
Vic Grimes vs Erin O'Grady
Baldo Interview
Randy Hales/Bruce Pritchard Segment
Baldo vs Ricky Morton
Randy Hales/Bruce Pritchard Segment--Syndicate attacks Pritchard
10 Man Tag:
Dundee, Jade, Raines, Streak, King
Boy Tony, Kid Wikkid, Venom, Tierney, Koko B. Ware
Bruce Pritchard Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Shawn Stasiak (Stacy at stake)--Baldo/Stasiak cut Lawler's hair

Show #43  February 6, 1999
Highlights of Last Week
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs Bulldog Raines
Bruce Pritchard Interview (Introduces his team for the New Daisy Show)
Shawn Stasiak Interview (segment with Stacy)
Bill Dundee vs Shawn Stasiak (Randy Hales and Syndicate at Ringside commentating)
Lawler/Stasiak Brawl
Jerry Lawler Interview
Lawler/Stasiak Brawl (Lawler is thrown out of the building)
Mic Tierney Interview
Mic Tierney vs Derrick King
Randy Hales/Jim Cornette Interview
Brandon Baxter/Michael P.S. Hayes Interview
14 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contender Spot

Show #44 February 13, 1999
Clips of WWF Talent arriving
Too Much vs Erin O'Grady and Bulldog Raines
Randy Hales and Syndicate Interview
Shawn Stasiak/Stacy Segment (Introduces his sister)-Lawler confronts. kisses his sister) Big brawl between the 4 happens-Stacy yells at Lawler-slaps him
Kid Wikkid Interview--Baldo confrontation
PPW Title Match: Baldo vs Bill Dundee
Brandon Baxter/Ugly Ed Interview--Jim Cornette interrupts
Michalel "PS" Hayes Interview
Derrick King vs Venom (Too Much/Streak Interfere)--Brawl
Dr. Tom Pritchard and Dr. Death Steve Williams vs Shawn Stasiak and Vic Grimes
Randy Hales/Syndicate Interview

Show 45  February 20, 1999
Brian Christopher Interview
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs "Mr. Personalities" Derrick King
Jerry Lawler Interview (Terri Interview also)
Vicious Vic Grimes vs Erin O'Grady (Lumberjack Strap Match)
Bad Street Match Highlights from Jonosboro, Arkansas
Michael PS Hayes Interview
PPW Title Match: Baldo vs Kid Wikkid
Randy Hales Interview--Brandon Baxter gives him a chairshot
Baldo attacks Brandon Baxter
Stacy Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Shawn Stasiak (Falls Count Anywhere)

Show #46: February 27, 1999
Randy Hales and Syndicate Interview (Mic Tierney is inducted into the Syndicate)
Shawn Stasiak Interview--introduces his mother, Mrs. Stasiak (Mae Young!)--Stacy comes out to confront
Stasiak/mother/Stacy/Lawler brawl
Mic Tierney vs Erin O'Grady
Baldo Interview--Forfeits Young Guns title to Randy Hales due to the 30 day rule while holding 2 belts.
Baldo vs Bulldog Raines
Young Guns Title: "Ravishing" Randy Hales vs Kid Wikkid
Brandon Baxter Interview
Brandon/Bruno Brawl
Mrs. Stasiak Interview
Derrick King vs Venom (Streak/Venom confrontation afterwards)
Jerry "The King" Lawler/Streak vs Shawn Stasiak/"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher (Mrs. Stasiak does commentary)
Lawler/Stacy/Stasiak/Mrs. Stasiak Brawl at the end
Lawler/Stacy Interview

Show #47  March 6, 1999
Randy Hales Interview w/Syndicate
Baldo vs Lance Jade
Syndicate/Hayes/Baxter Segment
Venom and Koko B. Ware vs Kidd Wikkid and Derrick King
Lawler/Dundee Interview
Shawn Stasiak and Mother Stasiak Interview
Too Much vs Streak and Erin O'Grady (Grimes and Tierney do commentary)
Too Much Interview
*Special Challenge* Mother Stasiak vs Stacy
Lawler/Stacy Interview
Randy Hales interview
Vic Grimes vs Michael PS Hayes

Show #48  March 13, 199
Clips of "For all the Marbles"
Shawn Stasiak Interview
Shawn Stasiak vs Streak
Brandon Baxter Interview
Mic Tierney Interview
Mic Tierney vs Bill Dundee
Vic Grimes Interview
Grimes/O'Grady Brawl
PPW Tag Title Match: Kid Wikkid and Derrick King vs Bulldog Raines and Vic Grimes
Jerry Lawler Interview--Dundee Interrupts
Brandon Baxter/Randy Hales/Tony Falk Segment
Jerry Lawler vs Baldo
Lawler/Dundee/Streak Segment
Show 49: March 20, 1999
Randy Hales/Baldo/Brandon Baxter segment
Michael PS Hayes Interview
PPW Title Match: Michael PS Hayes vs Baldo--Glen Kulka debuts
Randy Hales Interview
Jerry Lawler/Stacy Interview
Fabulous Ones Interview
Kurt Angle Interview
Kurt Angle vs The Yellowjacket
Vic Grimes/Erin O'Grady segment (argument)
Bulldog Raines vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley
For the held up PPW Tag Team Titles:
Kid Wikkid and Derrick King vs Vicious Vic Grimes and Erin O'Grady (Grimes/O'Grady win tag belts)
Stacy Interview—reveals she is the one that called the Fabulous ones
Randy Hales segment (Challenges Dave Brown and Corey Macklin)
Corey Macklin gets in the ring....semi-brawl at the end

Show #50  March 27, 1999
Randy Hales and company invade the announce desk
Glen Kulka vs Yellow Jacket
Michael Hayes Interview
Derrick King Interview
Stacy Segment
Kurt Angle Interview
Kurt Angle vs Tony Falk
Lawler/Stacy Confrontation
Baldo vs Streak
Steve Bradley Interview
Steve Bradley vs Derrick King (Young Guns Title)
Fabulous Ones Interview
Lawler/Dundee Interview
Hales/Baxter Segment...Big Brawl erupts with Baldo turning face

Show #51  April 3, 1999
Stacy/Fabulous Ones Segment
Baldo/Baxter/Michael Hayes/Derrick King Interview
Randy Hales Interview
Michael Hayes vs Mic Tierney (Parking lot brawl afterwards)
Lawler/Dundee Interview
(Young Guns Title) "Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Erin O'Grady
Allen Steel vs Derrick King
Parking lot brawl
Kurt Angle vs Bulldog Raines
Fabulous Ones/Stacy Interview (Brawl with Lawler/Dundee)
Baldo vs Vic Grimes
Parking lot brawl to end the show

Show #52 April 10, 1999
*One Year Anniversary Show-Clips are shown throughout the hour from the past year*
Randy Hales and Syndicate Interview-Baldo attacks
Highlights of Derrick King turning on Brandon Baxter
Kurt Angle vs Steve Bradley
Michael "PS" Hayes Interview
Baldo vs Mic Tierney
Brandon Baxter Interview
Derrick King Interview
Bill Dundee Interview
PPW Tag Titles-Kid Wikkid vs Bulldog Raines and Erin O'Grady (King no shows)
PPW Title: Michael PS Hayes vs Vic Grimes
Team Freebird Interview

Show #53 April 17, 1999
Mic Tierney vs Baldo
Baldo Interview
Baldo/Grimes brawl (Grimes goes thru table)
Erin O'Grady vs Steve Bradley vs Kurt Angle
Randy Hales/Brandon Baxter Interview
Glen Kulka vs Allen Steel
PPW Tag Titles:
Kidd Wikkid and Derrick King vs Jerry Lawler (Lawler wins tag belts)

Show #54 April 24, 1999
Baldo vs Glen Kulka
Brandon Baxter/Derrick King Interview
Lawler/Dundee Interview
PPW Tag Titles: Lawler/Dundee vs Kid Wikkid/Steve Bradley
Fabulous Ones Interview
"Brawling For Dollars" Battle Royal with Weapons
Fabulous Ones attack Jerry Lawler

Show #55: May 1, 1999
Young Guns Group Interview-many wrestlers confront Hales about their position in the company
Glen Kulka vs Kurt Angle
Brandon Baxter Interview
Derrick King attacks Brandon Baxter backstage
Bulldog Raines vs Steve Bradley
Kid Wikkid vs Derrick King
Bill Dundee vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes

Show #56: May 8, 1999
Vic Grimes segment in parking lot
JR Smooth Interview
Michael Hayes vs JR Smooth (PPW Title Match-Smooth wins Title)
Hayes brawls with Kulka and Bulldog Raines
Kurt Angle vs Mic Tierney
Vic Grimes Interview-shows APW footage and talks about being HARDCORE
Derrick King/Brandon Baxter segment-Nicole Bass footage
For the heldup Young Guns title: 8 man match
Derrick King vs Bulldog Raines vs Kid Wikkid vs Glen Kulka vs Allen Steel vs Vic Grimes vs Kurt Angle vs Mic Tierney

Show #57 May 15, 1999
Vic Grimes segment in parking lot
Bulldog Raines and Ken Raper vs JR Smooth and Glen Kulka
Derrick King Interview
Derrick King vs Kurt Angle
Redbirds Interview promoting their Baseball game-Vic Grimes interrupts
Brandon Baxter Interview-Brandon retires; Derrick attacks
Young Guns Title: Kid Wikkid vs Mic Tierney
Hardcore Match: Vicious Vic Grimes vs Steve Bradley

Show #58  May 22, 1999
Bulldog Raines segment in the parking lot
Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for PPW Title later in the show
Michael "PS" Hayes Interview
Mark Henry Interview
Vic Grimes confrontation with the Memphis Redbird
Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball Segment
Triple Threat Hardcore Match: Vic Grimes vs Steve Bradley vs Bulldog Raines
Vic Grimes beats the Memphis Redbird with a phone book
Nicole Bass Interview
Buddy Wayne/Mic Tierney segment
Derrick King and C.B. Wyatt interview--Brandon Baxter returns to PPW and attacks them
Jerry Lawler Interview
JR Smooth vs Kurt Angle (PPW Title Match)

Show #59: May 29, 1999
Owen Hart Tribute
Mic Tierney and Bulldog Raines vs Kurt Angle and Kid Wikkid
Prince Albert (Baldo) and Mark Henry confrontation
Alan Steel vs Ray Gordy
Freebirds Interview (Hayes AND Gordy)
Derrick King and C.B. Wyatt Interview
Derrick King vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley
Brandon Baxter and Nicole Bass Interview
Meat (Shawn Stasiak) Interview
Meat vs Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball
Grimes interview in parking lot (Hilarious part in this)
JR Smooth and Glen Kulka Interview
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs Baldo

Show #60, June 5, 1999
Vic Grimes Segment in the parking lot
Derrick King and C.B. Wyatt attack Brandon Baxter (This angle runs throughout the show)
Bulldog Raines vs Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball
Vic Grimes segment in the parking lot with Alan Steel
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant segment
Bulldog Raines Interview
Vic Grimes segment after he has beaten Steve Bradley up (Hilarious)
Young Guns Title: Kid Wikkid vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes (Grimes wins Young Guns Title)
Buddy Wayne/Mic Tierney/Kevin Christian Segment
Corey Macklin is locked inside a cage
"Slick" Robbie D. vs Alan Steel
JR Smooth (w/Ho's) Interview
JR Smooth vs Kurt Angle (PPW Title Match)
Brandon Baxter/Derrick King-C.B. Wyatt brawl

Show 61: Saturday, June 12, 1999
Bulldog Raines vs "Slick" Robbie D
Dirty White Boy Segment
JR Smooth/Glen Kulka interview
DWB vs Glen Kulka
Brawl-Doug Gilbert debuts in PPW
DWB/Doug Gilbert Interview-Randy Hales interrupts
DWB/Gilbert/Hales segment
Mic Tierney Interview
Kash Flow vs Mic Tierney
Kid Wikkid vs Allen Steel
Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball segment

Show #62 June 19, 1999
Highlights of last week
JR Smooth Interview-introduces the "BSK"-Big Shot Kallers
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball
Brandon Baxter, Kid Wikkid, and "Slick" Robbie D. Interview
Kid Wikkid and Robbie D. vs Bulldog Raines and Derrick King
Mic Tierney Interview-open Challenge-Prince Albert (Baldo) accepts
Mic Tierney vs Prince Albert (Baldo)
Jerry Lawler and Stacy interview (about being the Mayor of Memphis)
Randy Hales Interview-shows footage of wild brawl from Jonesboro-WOLFIE D. debuts in PPW--brawl with BSK--Doug Gilbert returns and hits Hales with a fireball
JR Smooth and Glen Kulka vs Allen Steel and Inferno Kid (w/Bobcat)
Smooth and Kulka brawl with Doug Gilbert and Wolfie D.

Show #63: June 26. 1999
Highlights of Last Week
BSK Interview
Glen Kulka vs Allen Steel
Peggy Gilbert (Doug's Mom) Interview-BSK confronts-TOMMY RICH debuts in PPW
Brawl with Rich and BSK--Rich Interview
Kid Wikkid Interview-Introduces his new valet-Siren
Kid Wikkid vs Bulldog Raines
Brandon Baxter Interview
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs "Slick" Robbie D.
Mic Tierney vs Kurt Angle
Randy Hales/Tommy Rich Interview
Derrick King Interview--segment with Brandon Baxter
Doug Gilbert Phone Call
Kris "The Dragon" Kannonball vs Big Matty Smalls

Show #64:  July 3, 1999
Highlights of Last Week
Vic Grimes segment in parking lot ("Mr. King")
Kid Wikkid Interview
Slick Robbie D. vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes
Kid Wikkid Interview
Clips of Eckmo vs Kannonball from the New Daisy Theater
Glen Kulka Interview
Glen Kulka vs Firecracker
Clips of Brandon Baxter vs Derrick King from the New Daisy Theater
C.B. Wyatt/Brandon Baxter Segment
Kevin Christian/Randy Hales Interview
Kevin Christian vs Randy Hales
Triple Threat Match: Kid Wikkid vs Vic Grimes vs Robbie D. (Young Guns Title-Vic wins Young Guns Title)

Show 65 July 10, 1999
Clips of Memphis Mafia trying to get in
Recap of BSK's dominance of PPW
Memphis Mafia Interview (Tommy Rich, Dirty White Boy, and Wolfie D.)
BSK Interview
Wolfie D. vs Black Sheep--brawl at the end
Kevin Christian/Randy Hales/Brandon Baxter Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Mic Tierney
Jerry Lawler Interview
Jerry Lawler vs Bulldog Raines
Matty Smalls and Eckmo destroy Robbie D. and Alan Steel
C.B. Wyatt introduces "Tay-Hi"--Derrick King in a mask
Glen Kulka vs Dirty White Boy (JR Smooth Kidnaps the DWG)-Big Brawl at the end
Memphis Mafia Segment

Show #66 July 17, 1999
Randy Hales Interview
Memphis Mafia Interview
"Slick" Robbie D. vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid/Wolfie D. brawl
Kevin Christian/Wolfie D./Tommy Rich Interview
BSK Interview
Black Sheep vs Kurt Angle
Wolfie/Rich brawl
Randy Hales/Kevin Christian/Doug Gilbert Interview
Bulldog Raines vs Reggie B. Fine
JR Smooth, Mic Tierney and Glen Kulka vs Wolfie D, Doug Gilbert, and Dirty White Boy
Memphis Mafia Interview

Show #67: July 24, 1999
Bruce Pritchard Interview-Bradley, JR Smooth and Angle interrupt
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Wolfie D.
Brandon Baxter/Randy Hales interview
Glen Kulka and Mic Tierney vs Robbie D. and Kid Wikkid
Kid Wikkid/Wolfie D. Brawl
Vic Grimes vs Doug Gilbert (hardcore match)
Kurt Angle vs JR Smooth--PPW Title Match--(Title change)
Kurt Angle Interview
Show #68: July 31, 1999
Clips from last week
Vic Grimes Interview--Kurt Angle comes out
Steve Bradley vs Derrick King w/CB Wyatt
Steve Bradley Interview--Kurt Angle comes out--Vic Grimes jumps Angle
Kevin Christian/Mic Tierney/Glen Kulka interview
Mic Tierney vs Robbie D.
Randy Hales/Bulldog Raines interview
Brandon Baxter/Randy Hales Interview
Doug Gilbert Interview
Glen Kulka vs Doug Gilbert
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Wolfie D.
PPW Title Match: Kurt Angle vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes

Show 69 August 7, 1999
Derrick King Interview
Derrick King vs Brandon Baxter--Jim Cornette debuts in PPW
Jim Cornette Interview--Randy Hales comes out and the two have a heated argument
Steve Bradley Interview
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley
Kevin Christian Interview--Doug Gilbert comes out--Tracy Smothers returns to PPW
Stacy Interview--Glen Kulka interrupts
Bulldog Raines vs Kurt Angle--Steve Bradley comes out
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Alex Arion-Wolfie D. comes out
Doug Gilbert and Wolfie D.vs Glen Kulka and Mic Tierney
Wild brawl to end the show

Show #70 August 14, 1999
Clips from last week
New Daisy Hightlights: Steve Bradley wins the PPW title from Kurt Angle
Steve Bradley/Jim Cornette Interview--Randy Hales comes out--Kevin Christian comes out
Kevin Christian/Jim Cornette Interview
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs "Slick" Robbie D.
Kurt Angle/Brandon Baxter Interview
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King vs Alex Arion/Alan Steel--Glen Kulka/Mic Tierney/Jim Cornette come out
Mic Tierney/Glen Kulka vs Arion/Steel/Wikkid/King
Wolfie D. Phone-in interview
Clips from the New Daisy: Wolfie D. battling Tierney and Kulka in the Steel Cage elimination match
PPW Title Match: "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette vs Kurt Angle w/Brandon Baxter
Wild Brawl to end the show--Brandon Baxter and Randy Hales are attacked

Show #71 August 21, 1999
Clips from last week as well as clips of Randy Hales leaving in an ambulance after the show
Jim Cornette and friends celebrate backstage
Bulldog Raines vs Kris Kannonball
Glen Kulka and Mic Tierney vs Alex Arion and "Slick" Robbie D.
Kulka/Tierney Interview
Jim Cornette Interview--Cornette fires Dave Brown and Corey Maclin! Then, Corey reveals that he is the ACTING PRESIDENT of Power Pro Wrestling while Randy Hales is out! Corey then kicks Cornette's men out of the studio!
Corey Maclin names Brandon Baxter as matchmaker--BB interview--Jim Cornette comes out
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs Kurt Angle--Steve Bradley interferes--Cornette/Christian come out--Big Brawl breaks out-Wolfie D. and Doug Gilbert return and clear the ring!
Wolfie/Doug Interview
Doug Gilbert vs Derrick King w/CB Wyatt
Tierney/Kulka attack Doug Gilbert and chokeslam him into the bed of a pickup truck!
Jim Cornette Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Wolfie D.
Big Brawl to end the show

Show #72: August 28, 1999
Clips from last week
Kid Wikkid Interview
Kid Wikkid vs Jay Gillette--Derrick King/CB Wyatt/Robbie D/Alan Steel come out
Footage from Arkansas of Steve Bradley and friends attacking Kurt Angle
Jim Cornette/Steve Bradley/Glen Kulka/Mic Tierney/Kevin Christian Interview--Vic Grimes comes out and argues with Cornette--Cornette makes fun of Grimes
Kris Kannonball Interview
Kannonball vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes Interview
Mic Tierney Interview--Wolfie D. Interview
Jim Cornette Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs "Slick" Robbie D--Kurt Angle comes in and attacks everyone afterwards
Mic Tierney w/Cornette vs Wolfie D.
Glen Kulka vs Alan Steel--Vic Grimes and Wolfie D. come out

Show #73 September 4, 1999
Clips from last week
Brandon Baxter Interview-Kevin Christian comes out-Jim Cornette taped Interview
Steve Bradley/Mic Tierney/Glen Kulka Interview
Steve Bradley/Glen Kulka/Mic Tierney vs Wolfie D/Kurt Angle/Vic Grimes
Clips from last week--Lance Jade, in the crowd chants BOOOORING
Kurt Angle/Wolfie D. Interview
Bulldog Raines vs Kris Kannonball
Kid Wikkid/Derrick King/Robbie D. Interview
Derrick King vs Kid Wikkid
Brandon Baxter/Tony Falk Segment
#1 Contender's Match: Kurt Angle vs Wolfie D--Bradley/Tierney/Kulka come out

Show #74: September 11, 1999
Jim Cornette/Steve Bradley Interview
PPW Title Match: "Sensational" Steve Bradley vs "Vicious" Vic Grimes--Synn "Vic's Ex-girlfriend from California debuts and interferes in the match, attacking Vic
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview
Brandon Baxter/Tony Falk Segment
Mic Tierney Interview
Young Guns Title: Derrick King vs "Slick" Robbie D--Kid Wikkid comes out
Brandon Baxter Interview--Lance Jade's antics in the crowd are hilarious--Glen Kulka comes out
Kris Kannonball Interview
Kris Kannonball vs Bulldog Raines
Kurt Angle Interview
Lance Jade is kicked out of the studio
Glen Kulka attacks Tony Falk
Vic Grimes interview--Cornette/Bradley/Synn come out and attack Grimes
Brandon Baxter Interview
Kurt Angle vs Mic Tierney--Kulka comes out--Brawl starts-ALI debuts and clears the ring

Show #75: September 18, 1999
Clips from last week
Jim Cornette/Synn/Steve Bradley Interview
Lance Jade orders pizza in the crowd
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Kurt Angle-Tierney/Kulka/Wolfie D. come out
Brandon Baxter/Tony Falk Segment
Lance Jade is kicked out of the building
Brandon Baxter Interview-Kevin Christian Interview-Brawl starts-goes out in the parking lot--Randy Hales returns
Randy Hales Interview
Jim Cornette on the phone
Glen Kulka vs Wolfie D.
Kurt Angle/Wolfie D. Interview
Jim Cornette Interview--Brian Christopher returns to Power Pro Wrestling
Vic Grimes Interview--Steve Bradley/Jim Cornette/Synn attack

Show 76: September 25, 1999
Joined in Progress due to NBC showing Golf...
Kurt Angle/Wolfie D. vs Kris Kannonball/Derrick King--Angle suplexes Wolfie
Jim Cornette/Steve Bradley/Synn Interview
Angle/Wolfie brawl in the back
Lance Jade sneaks in
Lance jade gets kicked out after chanting "Booooring, Boooooring" during the "On-Tour Preview"
Ali/Brandon Baxter Interview
Ali vs two masked jobbers
Wolfie D. walks out of PPW
"Slick" Robbie D. Interview
"Slick" Robbie D. vs Tony Falk-Kid Wikkid/Derrick King come out
Randy Hales presents Brian Christopher with a TV. Brian smashes the TV with a baseball bat then smashes a shop light over Randy Hales' head!
Power Pro Title Match: RAGE IN THE CAGE! First ever cage match from TV-5 Studios:
"Vicious" Vic Grimes vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette and Synn--the show goes off the air during the match--ending is shown in full on the next show

Show #77: October 2, 1999
Randy Hales Interview--Randy asks Brian Christopher to come to the studio
Clips from last week
Randy Hales interview
Kid Wikkid and Derrick King vs Tony Falk and Robbie D.
Brian Christopher phone-in interview-Randy begs BC to come to the studio-he has a SUPRISE for BC
Randy Hales interview with "the suprise" a box that shakes. You just know someone is in there...who will it be?
Ali w/Brandon Baxter vs The Executioner
Blade/Corey Maclin Segment
Finish of the PPW Cage Match from last week...Vic Grimes vs Steve Bradley (Title Change)
Kevin Christian Interview
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview
Brandon Baxter comes out to interrupt Kevin
Mic Tierney and Glen Kulka vs Alan Steel and jobber
Kurt Angle Interview
Kurt Angle vs Bulldog Raines-Wolfie D. returns in his old PG-13 clothes
Brian Christopher arrives in the studio--Randy Hales presents BC with the suprise. BC smashes the box, but the box is empty. DOUG GILBERT drives away in BC's automobile. Brian comes back in and attacks Randy Hales. Doug comes back and makes the save.
Doug Gilbert Interview
Brian Christopher Interview

Show #78: October 9, 1999
Clips from last week
Doug Gilbert vs Glen Kulka
Doug Gilbert Interview
Blade arrives at the studio, but is attacked by Lance Jade in the parking lot
Spudnik Monroe Interview--Jim Cornette/Bradley/Synn interrupt
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Kip Morris
Jim Cornette/Synn interview-shows "video proof" that Brandon has joined The Organization
Brandon Baxter comes out and says the video was false-Synn comes out
An ambulance arrives and brings Brian Christopher in on a gurney--Brian says he has re-injured his leg--Doug Gilbert comes out and attacks BC--BC and Gilbert brawl, and BC puts Gilbert on the gurney and tries to push him out into Union Avenue traffic!!! Great segment!
Dave Brown hints that Brandon Baxter might have joined the Organization and points out a year or so ago when BB let down some of his family. BB charges out from the backstage area and GRABS Brown by the suit and shoves him, telling Dave to leave his personal life out of this. Another good segment
Ali vs Alan Steel
Mic Tierney w/Kevin Christian vs Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle Interview
Wolfie D. Interview
Wolfie D. vs Derrick King
Brian Christopher Interview--Doug Gilbert interrupts and attacks BC
Doug Gilbert Interview

Show #79: October 16, 1999
Wolfie D. Interview
Wolfie D. vs Jim Cornette-Kevin Christian comes out-SEVEN debuts and gives Wolfie a chokeslam bomb
Brian Christopher arrives on a bus full of HIS own fans--Brian leads them into the studio where they have reserved seating. This is just a great segment as the "BC fans" are totally for Brian Christopher while the other studio fans are booing him. Brian then talks about the Brian Christopher fan club and presents one of his fans with a special clock. Doug Gilbert comes out and interrupts everything and smashes the clock over Brian's head! Another great segment in the BC/Doug fued!
Romeo Valentine promo video
Derrick King & CB Wyatt (in wheelchair) Interview
Derrick King vs "Slick" Robbie D.
Brian Christopher Interview
Kid Wikkid Interview--Tony Falk comes out
Kid Wikkid vs Tony Falk
Organization Interview-Bradley/Cornette/Tierney/more....Tierney challenges Bradley
Lance Jade attacks Blade
Steve Bradley, Mic Tierney, and Glen Kulka vs Alan Steel, Bulldog Raines, and Ali
Blade goes after Lance Jade
Brandon Baxter Interview--Synn comes out and slaps Brandon--Cornette comes out--Synn goes through a table!
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs Doug Gilbert--The Spellbinder returns to PPW and smashes a bottle over Gilbert's head. BC and Spellbinder then try to hang Doug Gilbert. Tommy Rich then returns to PPW and makes the save.

Show #80: October 23, 1999
Cornette/Bradley/Kulka conference in the back
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs "Slick" Robbie D-Seven interferes
Tommy Rich Interview
Lance Jade "IWO" segment with Derrick King
Clips from last week
Brian Christopher and The Spellbinder imitate Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich in a HILARIOUS segment--Tommy Rich comes out but has to be held back by security--This segment is right up there with the NWO Horseman skit.
Lance Jade "IWO" segment with Steve Bradley
BC/Spellbinder interview backstage
Ali's scheduled oponent quits before his first match in the company, afraid of Ali
Ali/Glen Kulka Brawl
Lance Jade "IWO" segment with Alan Steel--Alan joins Lance
Derrick King and CB Wyatt (in wheelchair) Interview
Kid Wikkid/Tony Falk segment backstage
Derrick King w/CB Wyatt vs Kid Wikkid
Organization interview
Lance Jade/Alan Steel "IWO" protest
Blade vs Alan Steel--Jade, Bulldog come out
Bulldog Raines shown attacked backstage, surrounded by Twinkies with "GLUTTONY" written on the wall beside him
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher vs "Wildfire" Tommy Rich

Show #81: October 30, 1999
Kulka/Ali Brawl in the back
"All That" Alan Steel w/Lance Jade vs Bulldog Raines (The ring breaks during the match-hilarious)
Lance Jade/Alan Steel interview
Organization Interview
Brian Christopher and Spellbinder imitate Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich
Christopher/Spellbinder as Gilbert/Rich vs Ken Raper/Loose Cannon (BC/Spell intentionaly lose)
Christopher/Spellbinder interview (as themselves)
Christopher/Spellbinder vs Raper/Canon (BC/Spell destroy Raper/Cannon)
Tony Falk interview
Aubrey Wayne/CB Wyatt/Derrick King Segment
Brandon Baxter talks to Mic Tierney--Cornette interrupts
Jim Cornette/Synn/Tierney/Bradley/Seven Interview
Mic Tierney vs "Slick" Robbie D. (Dave Brown announces Tommy and Peggy Gilbert have been watching and are on their way to the studio because Christopher and Spellbinder making fun of Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich)
Glen Kulka attacks Tony Falk
Derrick King and CB Wyatt (in a wheelchair) Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette & Seven vs Derrick King w/CB Wyatt
Dave Brown proudly announces the arrival of Tommy and Peggy Gilbert---instead, Spellbinder and Brian Christopher come out dressed as Tommy and Peggy Gilbert and imitate them. (HILARIOUS!!! Dave Brown can barely keep a straight face!! This interview is one of the things that led to Doug shooting on the Lawler family on the next show!)
Lance Jade vs Blade
A jobber is shown beaten down backstage with "GREED" written across his chest
Ali w/Brandon Baxter vs Glen Kulka--The Organization attacks and handcuffs Ali--makes Ali watch them beat up BB

Show #82:  November 6, 1999  (DISCLAIMER:  Doug Gilbert x ratted promo)
Kevin Christian arrives in a Limo
Kevin Christian interview--Kevin announces that Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich passed away this week. Kevin then brings out "two men who have took this loss the worst" Brian Christopher and Spellbinder. BC and Spell come out and run down Rich and Gilbert, then start to have a mock funeral for them!! The REAL Doug and Tommy return to Power Pro and interrupt their own funeral and clear the ring of BC and Spellbinder.
Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich interview--This is the now FAMOUS interview where Doug Gilberts shoots on Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler, the interview that got him fired from Power Pro Wrestling on the spot and almost had Jerry Lawler take legal action against PPW!!!!
Tony Falk/Robbie D. Segment
Glen Kulka vs Loose Cannon--Ali comes out and brawls with Kulka
Blade/Bulldog segment
Lance Jade and "All That" Alan Steel vs Robbie D and "2 Falk 4 Sure" (Tony Falk in his new RAPPER gimmick--hilarious!)
Steve Bradley interview--Bradley disses the Organization and calls Mic Tierney out and tries to become friends with him once again. The Organization comes out and Bradley turns on Tierney as they all beat down Mic Tierney. Ali makes the save
Derrick King and CB Wyatt (in a wheelchair) Interview
Derrick King vs Blade
A jobber is shown beaten down in the back with SLOTH written across his chest
Ali and Mic Tierney interview
Randy Hales comes out and announces that Doug Gilbert will NOT be at the show tonight because of his earlier comments
Steve Bradley/Mic Tierney/Ali/Glen Kulka Brawl

Show 83: November 13, 1999
Mic Tierney vs BJ Payne
Mic Tierney Interview (Hilarious part in this interview)
Ali vs "All That" Alan Steel w/Lance Jade
Ali interview with Brandon Baxter--Brandon becomes Ali's manager
Organization interview-Bradley/Cornette/Synn/Seven/Kevin Christian
Trailor Park Trash Interview
Trailor Park Trash vs Seven w/Synn
Derrick King w/CB Wyatt (Healed!) and Lance Jade vs Scotty Sabre and "Slick" Robbie D
Power Pro Title Match: "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette vs Nick Dinsmore
Steve Bradley/Cornette Interview
Note: Jim Cornette starts writing TV. 

Show #84: November 20.1999
Clips from last week
Mic Tierney Interview
Derrick King w/CB Wyatt vs Ali w/Brandon Baxter
Brandon Baxter/Ali Interview
Flash interview
Flash vs Jebediah
Bulldog Raines/Robbie D. interview--they announce their tag team name, the "D-Dogg Posse"-Lance Jade and Alan Steel interrupt and a brawl breaks out-Jade/Steel put dog food in Robbie D/Bulldog's mouths
Blade vs BJ Payne
Organization Interview-Bradley/Kulka/Cornette/Synn/BJ Payne/Seven
Footage of Rico Constantino in American Gladiators
Glen Kulka vs Nick Dinsmore-Ali comes out
Glen Kulka/Kevin Christian Interview
Lance Jade w/Alan Steel vs "Slick" Robbie D.
PPW Title Match: "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Jim Cornette vs Mic Tierney--brawl at the end/Ali makes the save

Show #85 November 27, 1999
Clips from last week
Mic Tierney Interview
Ali w/Brandon Baxter vs Lance Jade
Ali/Brandon Baxter Interview
Flash Interview
Derrick King w/CB Wyatt vs Trailor Park Trash (Flash Commentates)
Kevin Christian/Steve Bradley/Glen Kulka/BJ Payne/Seven Interview
Ali w/Brandon Baxter vs Glen Kulka
Lance Jade/Alan Steel Interview
Jade/Steel vs D-Dogg Posse
Randy Hales/D-Dogg Posse Interview
Security put Seven and Kevin Christian out of the bulding
Scotty Sabre vs Flash
From Ohio Valley Wrestling: Rico Constantino vs Rob Conway
Power Pro Title Match: Loser Leaves Memphis-Managers barred from ringside!
"Sensational" Steve Bradley vs Mic Tierney

Show #86: December 4, 1999
Ali w/Brandon Baxter vs BJ Payne w/Synn (BB kisses Synn after the match)
Ali/BB interview
Organization Interview-Jim Cornette/Synn/Steve Bradley/Seven/BJ Payne
Derrick King w/CB Wyatt vs Scotty Sabre
D-Dogg Posse
Brandon Baxter Interview-Synn/Seven/BJ Payne come out and attack BB-Ali makes the save
"All That" Alan Steel w/Lance Jade vs Trailor Park Trash
Brandon Baxter Interview
From Ohio Valley Wrestling: Nick Dinsmore vs Chris Candido
Power Pro Title Match: "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Jim Cornette vs Rico Constantino

Show #87: December 11, 1999
Clips from last week
Flash Interview
Steve Bradley/Jim Cornette/Synn/Bj Payne/Seven Interview
BJ Payne w/Seven & Synn vs Blade
Damaja Promo
Lance Jade w/"All That" Alan Steel vs "Slick" Robbie D.
Rico Constantino Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Jim Cornette vs Scotty Sabre
"All That" Alan Steel w/Lance Jade vs Trailor Park Trash
Clip from Ohio Valley Wrestling: Flash vs Trailor Park Trash
Ali/Brandon Baxter/Randy Hales Interview--Jim Cornette and Synn come out--Brawl
PPW Title Match: Rico Constantino vs Flash--Steve Bradley comes out

Show #88: December 18, 1999
Clips from last week
Jim Cornette Interview
Rico Constantino vs BJ Payne w/Synn and Seven
Rico Constantino helping children footage
C.B. Wyatt comes out in a stylist outfit and introduces Derrick King and his "cousin" Jason Lee as "The Atomic Blondes"
Atomic Blondes Interview
Atomic Blondes vs D-Dogg Posse
The Rock promo for a local WWF live event
Steve Bradley/Cornette/Synn/Seven Interview
Damaja Promo
Blade vs Scotty Sabre
Ali/Brandon Baxter Interview
Flash vs Trailor Park Trash--Steve Bradley comes out for commentary and interferes
Jim Cornette Interview
"Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Jim Cornette vs Ali

Show #89: December 25, 1999
Clips from last week
Brandon Baxter Interview
Four Corners Elimination Match: "All That" Alan Steel vs Lance Jade vs Bulldog Raines vs "Slick" Robbie D.
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview
Rico Constantino Interview
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant Interview-Flash comes out and attacks Valiant
Big Boss Man Promo for local WWF Live Event
Damaja Promo
Atomic Blondes w/CB Wyatt vs Blade and Scotty Sabre
Randy Hales/Brandon Baxter Interview
D-Dogg Posse "Merry Christmas" segment
Ali interview--BJ Payne interrupts
Ali vs BJ Payne
Jim Cornette/Synn/Tony Falk Segment
"Sensational" Steve Bradley and Flash vs Rico Constantino and Trailor Park Trash
Edge Promo for local WWF Live Event
Brandon Baxter opens Jim Cornette's Christmas present--Gets attacked by Cornette and The Organization


Show #90: January 1, 2000
--This was a special "Best of the Power Hour" which recapped the history of Power Pro Wrestling. Joined 2 mins into. Features a look at many WWF Developmental talents, Jim Cornette, Jimmy Valiant, Jacquelyn, Brandon Baxter, Randy Hales, Brian Christopher, Michael "PS" Hayes and TONS of other great Power Pro moments. Also a good look at the history of the Power Pro Title featuring such matches as Kurt Angle vs JR Smooth (Rikishi) and Steve Bradley vs Rico Constantino

Show #91: January 8, 2000
Clips from previous weeks
Trailor Park Trash Interview
Steve Bradley Interview
Rico Constantino vs Jason Lee w/C.B. Wyatt and Derrick King
Flash Interview--Jim Cornette and Steve Bradley interrupt
Randy Hales Interview
Atomic Blondes Interview
PPW Tag Title Tournament Match: D-Dogg Posse vs Lance Jade and "All That" Alan Steel
Damaja debuts and attacks Scotty Sabre before Sabre's match
Damaja vs Nick Dinsmore
Blade vs Flash--Steve Bradley comes out--Flash and Bradley brawl
Ali/Brandon Baxter Interview--BJ Payne/Synn interrupt
Ali vs BJ Payne and Seven (IF Ali wins, Baxter gets a match with Synn)
Brandon vs Synn--No match-brawl erupts. Ali POWERBOMBS Synn!
Trailor Park Street Fight: "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Jim Cornette vs Trailor Park Trash-Flash comes out

Show #92: January, 15, 2000
Clips from last week
Jim Cornette/Synn arrive at the building--Synn in a wheelchair
PPW Tag Title Tournament Match: Nick Dinsmore & Scotty Sabre vs Atomic Blondes w/C.B. Wyatt
PPW Tag Title Tournament Match: Blade & 2 Falk 4 Sure vs Seven & BJ Payne
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview (Cornette challenges Ali)
Steve Bradley Interview
"All That" Alan Steel vs "Slick" Robbie D.--Lance Jade comes out
Ali/Brandon Baxter Interview
Ali w/BB vs Jim Cornette (No match--Cornette and Synn BOTH come out in wheelchairs--Cornette has a hilarious interview and afterwards Flash attacks Ali-which leads to...)
Ali vs Flash
Lance Jade/Alan Steel Segment--Jade/Steel attack Bulldog
Bulldog Raines vs Damaja
Power Pro Title Match: Rico Constantino vs "Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette (Title Change)
Randy Hales storms out of the office
Randy Hales Interview--announces Steve Bradley vs Ali for the title next week

Show #93: January 22, 2000
Clips from last week
Jim Cornette/Bradley/Synn Interview
Brandon Baxter Interview--Ali comes out
Randy Hales Interview
PPW Tag Title Tournament Finals--Three Way Dance:
D-Dogg Posse vs Atomic Blondes vs Blade & 2 Falk 4 Sure
Tracy Smothers returns to PPW--Smothers has a sitdown in the ring
Tracy "Sellout" Smothers vs Nick Dinsmore
Nick Dinsmore/Damaja Segment
Lance Jade Interview
Alan Steel vs Damaja
Seven vs Rico Constantino (Damaja attacks Constantino pre-match--no match happens)
Cornette/Bradley/Synn Segment
Jim Cornette tries to say Bradley's wrestling license has expired--Randy Hales comes out
Power Pro Title Match: If Bradley loses, he must leave Memphis forever
"Sensational" Steve Bradley w/Cornette & Synn vs ALI w/Brandon Baxter (Title Change--BB Steals the belt)

Show #94: January 29, 2000
Clips from last week
Ali Interview
Atomic Blondes Interview--Wolfie D. returns to PPW and interrupts
Rico Constantino vs BJ Payne--Tracy Smothers comes out
Randy Hales Interview
PPW Tag Title Match: Atomic Blondes vs Wolfie D
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview
Ali interview--Brandon Baxter comes out--Ali fires BB
Cornette/Smothers Interview
Blade vs Damaja
Lance Jade/Alan Steel Interview
Hardcore Tag Team Match: Lance Jade/Alan Steel vs D-Dogg Posse
Ali vs Tracy Smothers--Brandon Baxter comes out
Note:  This was Jim Cornettes last show to write.  Earlier in the week, I was informed we lost our WWF deal.  They agreed to let Cornette and others come the next week, but Brandon and I wrote the next show, a blow off show. 

Show #95: February 5, 2001
Clips from last week
Randy Hales Interview--Brandon Baxter comes out
Tracy Smothers Interview--Scotty Sabre comes out
Tracy Smothers vs Scotty Sabre--Seven comes out
Jim Cornette/Synn Interview
Ali phone-in interview
Seven vs J.D. Hall
Lumberjack Strap Match: Randy Hales vs Jim Cornette (Lumberjacks are all Heels)
Derrick King Interview
Derrick King vs Chris Michaels
"All That" Alan Steel w/Lance Jade vs 2 Falk 4 Sure
Jade/Steel Segment
PPW Title Battle Royal--Participants:
Lance Jade, Alan Steel, Tracy Smothers, Derrick King, Bulldog Raines, Seven, BJ Payne, 2 Falk 4 Sure, Chris Michaels,
and Ali
Show 96: February 12, 2000
Ali interview--Brandon Baxter/Seven come out
Lance Jade/Alan Steel Segment
Young Guns Triple Threat: Derrick King vs "All That" Alan Steel vs Chris Michaels
Ali Promo
Robert Gibson Interview--Tommy Rogers interrupts
Tommy Rogers vs Robert Gibson
Lance Jade presents Alan Steel with "the perfect woman"
C.B. Wyatt tries to talk to Randy Hales
Hardcore Match: Bulldog Raines vs Lance Jade
Brandon Baxter/Seven/2Falk4Sure segment--Seven attacks 2 Falk 4 Sure
PPW Title Match: Ali vs Seven
Note:  First TV without WWF talent.  Rebuilding process.  This is probably the worst period of time in the history of the show. 

Show 97: February 19, 2000
Security keeps Ali from entering the building
Lance Jade vs Chris Michaels--Moondog Spot returns to PPW
CB Wyatt/Randy Hales segment
Tracy Smothers interview
2 Falk 4 Sure vs Tracy Smothers
Brandon Baxter/Havoc/Seven Interview--Derrick King, Randy Hales, Ali all come out
BB interview backstage
Wolfie D. Interview--Smothers comes out. Tommy Rogers comes out.
Tommy Rogers vs Wolfie D.
Ali Interview
Bulldog Raines vs "All That" Alan Steel
CB Wyatt interview-calls out Randy Hales (Hilarious!!!)
PPW Title Match: Handicap Match: Ali vs Seven/Havoc
Big Studio Brawl to end the show

Show #98: February 26, 2000
"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant arrives--Brandon Baxter comes out
Randy Hales/Valiant/Ali/Derrick King Interview
Lance Jade Segment
Robert Gibson vs The Jagger--Tracy Smothers/Wolfie D. come out
Randy Hales/CB Wyatt Interview
Bulldog Raines/CB Wyatt Interview
Bulldog Raines vs Chris Michaels
"Boyz in the Hood Street Fight" Wolfie D. vs Tracy Smothers
Barry Blaustein, director of "Beyond the Mat" interview
"All That" Alan Steel vs Moondog Spot-Lance Jade comes out
Ali/Derrick King/Jimmy Valiant vs Seven/Havoc/Brandon Baxter-The Regulators debut

Show 99 March 4, 2000
Brandon Baxter Interview-Derrick King comes out
Young Guns Title: Derrick King (w/Ali) vs Seven (w/BB, Havoc)-The Regulators come out
C.B. Wyatt/Bulldog Raines segment
BB/Havoc/Seven/Regulators/Ali Interview
Chris Michaels vs Alan Steel vs Blade--Lance Jade/Moondog come out
Robert Gibson & Youngblood vs Bulldog Raines & Tommy Rogers
Wolfie D/Ali Segment
Brandon Baxter/Havoc/Seven attack Big Daddy--The Moondog comes out
Regulators promo
CB Wyatt/Randy Hales/Julie ("Easy Money") Interview
Wolfie D & Ali vs The Regulators--Wolfie D turns heel

Show 100  March 11, 2000
Brandon Baxter & The Cartel Interview--Dave Brown calls in
Blade/Ali/Moondog brawl with The Cartel
Lance Jade/Alan Steel segment
Chris Michaels vs "All That" Alan Steel
CB Wyatt/Bulldog Raines Segment
Havoc vs White Lightning
Wolfie D Interview
Wolfie D vs Derrick King
CB Wyatt/Julie (Easy Money) Interview--DNA tests come in! Bulldog Raines becomes "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines
"The Aristocrat" Scott Raines vs 2 Falk 4 Sure
Moondog Rules: Ali/Blade/Moondog vs Seven/The Regulators (WILD Studio brawl!)

Show 101: March 18, 2001
The Cartel attacks Ali in the parking lot
Wolfie D/Rob Harlem Interivew
Deon Harlem vs 2 Falk 4 Sure-Ali comes out
Ali Interview
CB Hales/Scott Raines segment
Brandon Baxter interview--Dave Brown comes out and confronts BB! Randy Hales and Perry James come out. GREAT segment!
Lance Jade vs "All That" Alan Steel
Seven Interview
Blade vs Seven
Ali vs Rob Harlem
PPW Tag Title Match: Wolfie D and Havoc vs Derrick King and The Moondog (Title Change)

Show 102: March 25, 2001
Clips from last week
The Cartel arrives
CB Hales/Scott Raines segment
Randy Hales/Brandon Baxter interview
Randy Hales/Lance Jade interview--Jade attacks Hales--Alan Steel makes the save and jumps off a ladder onto Jade, putting him through a table! Scott Raines/CB Hales come out and kidnap Randy Hales!
Captain's Match: Derrick King vs Deon Harlem
Seven/Baxter Interview
CB Hales/Raines segment--CB changes the Young Guns title to the TV Title
Ali interview--The Cartel comes out
Battle Royal to crown the first ever PPW Television Champ (Featuring: Regulators, 2 Falk, Raines, Havoc, Blade, more)
BB/Havoc segment
Blade vs Havoc
The Moondog vs Scott Raines
Seven/Blade segment
PPW Title Match: Ali vs Rob Harlem--Special referee: Wolfie D

Show 103: April 1, 2000
Ali segment
Blade interview
CB Hales/Raines Interview--RH, Easy Money come out
Seven/BB interview
Seven vs "All That" Alan Steel (Advantage Match)
Ali vs Lance Jade (Advantage Match)
Derrick King vs Rob Harlem (Advantage Match)
Randy Hales vs CB Hales ("Family Fued" Match)
Even the Odds Match: Team PPW (Ali/Steel/DK/Moondog/Blade) vs The Cartel (Seven/Havoc/Jade/Regulators)

Show 104  April 8, 2000
Havoc interview
Cartel/Ali/DK/Steel Segment
Ali interview
Seven/Brandon Baxter interview
Loser Gets Caned: Seven vs Blade
Wolfie D/Randy Hales segment
CB Hales/Easy Money/Scott Raines segment
2 Falk 4 Sure vs "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines--Special Referees: Easy Money and Randy Hales
PPW Tag Title Match: Derrick King vs The Regulators
Lance Jade comes out of the crowd to attack "All That" Alan Steel
PPW Title Match: Ali vs Wolfie D

Show 105  April 15, 2000
Clips from last week
Randy Hales/Regulators/Perry James interview
Ali & The Moondog vs The Regulators
Alan Steel/Havoc segment
Scott Raines/Lance Jade/Easy Money/CB Segment
Wolfie D/Randy Hales interview-Ali comes out
Seven/Brandon Baxter interview
Blade interview
Lance Jade & "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines vs "All That" Alan Steel & Havoc
Derrick King interview
Blade vs Brandon Baxter
Ali/Security segment
Randy Hales/CB/Easy Money/Raines segment--The real DNA test results come in
BB/Security segment
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs Derrick King

Show 106: April 22, 2000
Brandon Baxter/Cartel/Wolfie D Interview--Randy Hales comes out and introduces "The Masked Avenger" (Ali in a mask) and signs Wolfie/Avenger for today's main event.
Derrick King/CB Wyatt segment
"Aristocrat" Scott Raines/CB interview
Derrick King vs "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines
Alan Steel interview
Havoc & Blade vs The Regulators
Lance Jade/Alan Steel segment/brawl
Seven vs The Moondog
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs The Masked Avenger

Show 107: April 29, 2001
Wolfie D arrives
Wolfie D/Derrick King interviews
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs Derrick King
Derrick King SNAPS!
Seven/BB interview
Moondog Rules: Lance Jade vs The Moondog
Ali interview
Seven/Regulators interview
The Regulators & Seven vs Havoc, Blade & Alan Steel
Alan Steel/Blade interview
"Even the Odds Match" Free for all for shot at the PPW Title--Featuring: Ali, Scott Raines, Blade, Seven, Moondog, Derrick King & The Regulators

Show 108: May 6, 2000
Ali interview--Wolfie D comes out. The Cartel attacks Ali
Perry James/Randy Hales interview
PPW Tag Team Title Match: The Regulators vs Derrick King & Moondog
Seven/Brandon Baxter interview
CB Wyatt/Scott Raines segment
The Spellbinder returns to Power Pro Wrestling to be in BB's corner
TV Title Match: Singapore Cane on a Pole Match: Blade vs Seven (w/BB & Spellbinder)
Havoc vs "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines (w/CB Wyatt)
Texas Death Match: "All That" Alan Steel vs Lance Jade
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs Ali (Koko B. Ware returns to PPW)
Show 109: May 13, 2000
Clips from last week
Koko B. Ware interview
Koko B. Ware vs Ali
Koko/Wolfie D Segment
BB/Seven Interview
Spellbinder vs Seven
CB/Raines segment
CB/Randy Hales segment
Perry James/Regulators interview
Derrick King vs Rob Harlem
Lance Jade interview
Havoc/Raines/CB Segment
TV Title Match: Blade vs "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines
Battle Royal for PPW Title Shot
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs "All That" Alan Steel

Show 110: May 20, 2000
Lance Jade/Alan Steel segment in parking lot-Jade attacks Steel's dad
Blade & Spellbinder vs The Regulators
Wolfie/Randy Hales interview--Ali; Koko B. Ware come out--big brawl
Havoc vs The Aristocrat--if Havoc wins, he gets 5 mins with CB Wyatt--"Sons of the Assasins" debut
Charlie Laird debuts-kidnaps Randy Hales
Alan Steel interview
Loser Leaves Town: "All That" Alan Steel vs Lance Jade
Buddy Landell interview--Regulators come out
Seven vs Derrick King

Show 111: May 27, 2000
Company Meeting segment
Seven vs Blade (Special Referee: Spellbinder)
Randy Hales announces the PPW Title is held up
C.B/Aristocrat Segment
Regulators vs "All That" Alan Steel and Derrick King
Charlie Laird/Corey Maclin segment
Koko B. Ware vs Havoc
C.B/Don Bass Segment
Brandon Baxter interview
Brandon Baxter vs Randy Hales
For the Held up PPW Title: Ali vs Wolfie D

Show 112  June 3, 2000
Ali/DK/Spellbinder/Seven/Blade/Koko/Hales Interview
All That/DK Segment
Havoc & New Texas Outlaws vs Aristocrat & Assassins--Havoc seriously injured
Pretapes of past matches-Ali vs Wolfie and an Even the Odds Match as medics tend to Havoc in the ring
6-Way Dance to decide the 1 Contender for the PPW Title:
Ali vs Derrick King vs Blade vs Spellbinder vs Seven vs Koko B. Ware

Show 113  June 10, 2000
Wolfie D/Seven/Brandon Baxter segment
Ali/Regulators interview
Handicap Match: Regulators vs Ali (Charlie Laird comes out)
"All That" Alan Steel interview
The Assassins vs The New Texas Outlaws
Derrick King interview
Wolfie D/Brandon Baxter interview-Seven comes out
Derrick King vs "All That" Alan Steel
Corey Maclin/Havoc/C.B. Wyatt/Scott Raines segment
PPW TV Title Match: Blade vs "The Aristocrat" Scott Raines
Koko B. Ware interview-Ali comes out
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs The Spellbinder

Show 114 June 17, 2000
Brandon Baxter/Wolfie D interview
PPW Title Match: Wolfie D vs Blade
Charlie Laird/Spellbinder brawl
Derrick King interview-Alan Steel comes out
Derrick King vs "All That" Alan Steel
Randy Hales/Koko B. Ware segment
C.B. Wyatt/Assassin/Spellbinder segment
Ali interview
Brandon Baxter/Seven segment
Koko B. Ware vs Scott Raines--Havoc, Ali come out
Joey Patrick/Ali segment
Bounty Match: Seven vs The Spellbinder

Show 115 June 24, 2000
Charlie Laird announcing-Randy Hales/Corey Maclin come out
PPW TV Title Match: Blade vs Khan
Koko B. Ware interview
Ali interview-announces his signing with WCW--Regulators come out
C.B. Wyatt/Assassins/Raines/Koko B. Ware segment
"All That" Alan Steel attacks Derrick King at the Memphis Bridal Gallery
"All That" Alan Steel vs Deon Harlem
Brandon Baxter/Wolfie D. segment
Ali vs Rob Harlem-If Ali loses, he leaves PPW. If Rob loses, Regulators wear dresses next week!
New Texas Outlaws/Havoc/Chris Bass segment
New Texas Outlaws/Havoc/Bass vs Assassins/CB/Raines
Seven/Wolfie D segment
Derrick King & Spellbinder vs Wolfie D & Seven

Show 116: July 1, 2000
Regulators arrive and are given their dresses!
Randy Hales interview-Brandon Baxter comes out--Seven arrives. BB/Seven confrontation
New Texas Outlaws vs The Regulators (in dresses!!)
"The Aristocrat" Scott Raines interview--Raines becomes Bulldog Raines again.
PPW TV Title Match: Khan vs Derrick King
"General" Koko B. Ware interview-Charlie Laird comes out
Havoc vs Charlie Laird--Havoc attacked before the match by CB/Assassins. Bulldog Raines makes the save.
Blade interview-"All That" Alan Steel comes out
Blade vs "All That" Alan Steel
Spellbinder vs Ali

July 8, 2000-NO SHOW. PPW preempted for Wimbledon

Show 117 July 15, 2018
Clips from "Red, White, and Bruised"-Spellbinder wins PPW Title!
Wolfie D & Brandon Baxter harass Randy Hales in the control room
Wolfie D/Brandon Baxter interview-Randy Hales, Spellbinder come out
8-Man Hardcore Elimination Match for a slot in the main event:
Bulldog Raines vs "All That" Alan Steel vs New Texas Outlaws vs Assassins vs Charlie Laird vs General Koko
BB/Wolfie/Seven segment
PPW TV Title Triple Threat Match: Khan vs Blade vs Derrick King
General Koko/Charlie Laird segment
Randy Hales announces Bill Dundee will return next week-Brandon Baxter comes out
PPW Title Match-Four Way Dance: Spellbinder vs Wolfie D vs Seven vs Bulldog Raines-If Wolfie D does not WIN the match, Brandon Baxter gets caned!

Show 118 July 22, 2000
Bill Dundee arrives at the studio
Wolfie D interview
Wolfie D vs Blade--Khan; Spellbinder; Seven; Ali come out
Ali/Spellbinder interview
"All That" Alan Steel interview
PPW TV Title Match: Khan vs "All That" Alan Steel
Assassins/Laird/Koko interview
New Texas Outlaws & Bulldog Raines vs Assassins & Charlie Laird
Bill Dundee returns to PPW! Dundee/Brandon Baxter confrontation
Ali & Spellbinder vs Wolfie D & Seven (Ali turns heel)

Show 119 July 29, 2000
CB Wyatt comes out to cohost
PPW TV Title Match: Khan vs Bulldog Raines (w/Havoc)
Ali/Brandon Baxter interview--Spellbinder comes out
General Koko/Charlie Laird interview--Alan Steel comes out
"All That" Alan Steel vs Charlie Laird
Bill Dundee interview--Wolfie D comes out
New Texas Outlaws vs The Regulators
Texas Tornado Tag Match: Spellbinder & Blade vs Wolfie D & Seven (w/Baxter)--Khan; Ali come out

Show 120: August 5, 2000
Brandon Baxter/Wolfie D/Seven interview
Seven vs Bulldog Raines
General Koko/Charlie Laird interview-Alan Steel comes out
The Regulators vs "All That" Alan Steel & Charlie Laird
Bill Dundee arrives with crew--Wolfie kidnaps Samantha!
CBU baseball team interview-CB Wyatt comes out
Ali/Brandon Baxter interview
Simon vs Jett Logan-Ali runs in; Spellbinder comes out
Bunkhouse Match: New Texas Outlaws vs Assassins-Regulators come out
PPW TV Title Match: Khan vs Blade
Brandon Baxter interview-Dundee; Wolfie; Seven out--Wolfie gives Samantha the neckbreaker

Show 121 August 12,2000
Ali/Wayne segment
Bulldog Raines/Havoc interview
Bulldog Raines & "All That" Alan Steel vs The Regulators
Ali/Wayne/Spellbinder segment
Brandon Baxter interview
Kryptonite vs Jett Logan-Spellbinder comes out
Spellbinder/Ali interview
PPW Title Match: Spellbinder vs Ali
New Texas Outlaws interview
Starlighters dance in the ring--BB interrupts
Lt. Eddie Adamson interview--Khan puts the Spike on Adamson! Blade makes the save
CB Wyatt interview
Seven interview
Seven vs Derrick King
Wolfie D interview (great!)
Bulldog/Havoc/Mike Mascari segment
Spellbinder interview
BB/Samantha/Wolfie/Dundee segment (Samantha's boob pops out on TV!)

Show 122  August 19, 2000
Ali interview-Leaves PPW
Blade vs Seven
Wolfie D. Interview-Wolfie becomes SLASH
Slash vs Derrick King
CB/Assassins Segment
Lt. Eddie Adamson interview
Hardcore Match: Big Nasty Bill vs Hoss
Brandon Baxter interview
"All That" Alan Steel & Bulldog Raines vs Koko B. Ware & Charlie Laird
Bill Dundee retires from wrestling!
Double Titles Match: Spellbinder vs Khan

Show 123  August 26
13 Man Elimination Match-Winner gets Dream Match in the Main Event:
Spellbinder vs Derrick King vs Alan Steel vs Bulldog Raines vs Blade vs Jett Logan vs Slash vs Khan vs Ricky Murdoch vs Big Bill vs Charlie Laird vs Rob Harlem vs Deon Harlem
Slash interview
Bill Dundee/Samantha home video
Brandon Baxter interview
Brandon Baxter vs Starlighter-Miles Long debuts
Brandon Baxter/Miles Long interview
3 Corners Match for TV Title Shot: Blade vs "All That" Alan Steel vs Derrick King
Spellbinder interview
CB Wyatt interview
PPW Title Handicap Match: If Spellbinder loses, he must leave Power Pro Wrestling:
Spellbinder vs Khan and Slash

Show 124 September 2, 2000
Starlighters Dance
Regulators interview
PPW Title Match: Spellbinder vs Deon Harlem
General Koko B. Ware video
Derrick King & Blade vs Charlie Laird & Jett Logan (w/General Koko)
Miles Long interview
Dundee/Samantha video
Brandon Baxter interview-Kory Jackson comes out, Miles Long out
Bulldog Raines interview
Ricky Murdoch vs Big Nasty Bill
Brickhouse Brown interview-CB Wyatt; Brandon Baxter come out
Rob Harlem vs "All That" Alan Steel--Spellbinder out
Bulldog Raines vs Miles Long

Show 125  September 9, 2000
Kory Jackson/Starlighters come out-Kory interview-Miles Long, BB, Slash attack
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Blade vs "All That" Alan Steel-CB Wyatt comes out
Regulators/Slick Ric arrive
Slash interview
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Slash vs Austin Rhodes
Spellbinder promo
Bulldog Raines & Ricky Murdoch vs Charlie Laird & Big Bill (w/General Koko)
Miles Long/Brandon Baxter interview--Bulldog Raines comes out
Heels attack security
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Khan vs Derrick King
Regulators interview
The Regulators vs Spellbinder & Brickhouse Brown

Show 126  September 16, 2000
Brickhouse Brown interview
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Brickhouse Brown vs Charlie Laird
Slash/Brandon Baxter promo
HUGE Announcement: Jerry Lawler to return to PPW on October 7th!!!
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Second Round: Slash vs Blade (Advantage Match for Main Event also)
Regulators/Slick Ric promo
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Bulldog Raines vs General Koko (w/Charlie Laird)
Ultimate Victory Tournament-First Round: Rob Harlem vs Deon Harlem (Spellbinder commentates)
Miles Long interview
Bill Dundee calls Dave Brown on cell phone
Evening The Odds Match:
Spellbinder & Blade & Alan Steel & Derrick King & Bulldog vs Slash & Khan & Jett Logan & Big Bill & Miles Long

September 23, 2000: NO SHOW DUE TO OLYMPICS
Show 127 September 30
Koko/Charlie Laird interview
Derrick King & "All That" Alan Steel vs Charlie Laird & Big Bill-If Laird loses, he's out of the army!
Spellbinder interview
Miles Long/Brandon Baxter interview
Brickhouse Brown interview
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Second Round: Miles Long vs Brickhouse Brown--Bill Dundee returns!
Bill Dundee interview
Slash/Regulators interview
Koko B. Ware vs Ricky Murdoch (Special referee: Charlie Laird)-If Koko loses, Laird is back in the army!
Eddie Adamson interview
CB Wyatt interview-Eddie Adamson; Khan; Bulldog come out
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Second Round: Bulldog Raines vs Khan
Bill Dundee & Spellbinder & Brickhouse Brown vs Slash & Regulators

Show 128 October 7 2000
Rob Harlem/Brickhouse Brown interviews
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Semifinals: Rob Harlem vs Brickhouse Brown
Bill Dundee/Starlighters interview
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Semifinals: Slash (w/Brandon Baxter) vs Bulldog Raines
Spellbinder interview
Spellbinder & Derrick King & "All That" Alan Steel vs Koko B. Ware & Charlie Laird & Khan
Jerry Lawler arrival
Miles Long interview-Starlighters come out
Grudge Match: Miles Long vs Bill Dundee
Jerry Lawler return interview/angle--Baxter, King, Harlem, Koko, Charlie, Khan, and Slash come out-GREAT!
Note:  Jerry Lawler returns to TV.  

Show 129 October 14, 2000
Spellbinder/Dundee interview
Regulators/Slick Rick interview
Slash/Brandon Baxter interview
Ultimate Victory Tournament-Finals: Slash (w/Baxter) vs Brickhouse Brown
#1 Contender for TV Title Triple Threat Match:
Derrick King vs Bulldog Raines vs "All That" Alan Steel
Spellbinder & Bill Dundee vs The Regulators (w/Slick Rick)
PPW TV Title Match: Khan vs "All That" Alan Steel
MCW Invades!! Jerry Lawler leads just about the entire MCW roster on a total attack and take over of the show!
PPW Heels interview


Show 130 October 28, 2000
Clips of MCW invasion
Brandon Baxter interview (Shows clips of PPW invading MCW; Brick/Spell out; Tazz announcement)
Spellbinder & Brickhouse Brown & Bill Dundee vs Slash & Rob Harlem & Charlie Laird
Brandon Baxter interview--introduces Tazz
Tazz interview (Live in Studio)
PPW TV Title Match: Four Corners Elimination Match:
Khan vs Blade vs Derrick King vs "All That" Alan Steel
Bulldog Raines vs Jett Logan
Jerry Lawler/Kevin Kelly arrive--Brandon Baxter/Derrick King come out. Tazz attacks Lawler and chokes him out
Randy Hales interview--Kurt Angle taped interview shown
Randy Hales/Kevin Kelly interview/argument--Open Door Policy between PPW/MCW announced

Show 131 November 4, 2000
Clips from last week--Tazz in studio
Brandon Baxter interview--Lawler & MCW Roster come out--Randy Hales out
MCW Southern Tag Title Match: The Dupps vs Rob Harlem & Slash (w/Slick Rick)
Brickhouse & The Spellbinder vs Mean Street Posse (Rodney & Pete Gas)
Spellbinder/K. Krush/Steve Bradley segment backstage
Scott Vick & Seven & Thrash vs Bulldog Raines & Blade & Alan Steel--Tracey Smothers out
Jerry Lawler interview
Mick Foley video interview--Foley new commissioner of Memphis wrestling?!?!
Handicap Match: Jerry Lawler vs Brandon Baxter & Derrick King--The Kat/Bobcat/Ophelia/Slash out

Show 132: November 11, 2000
Bill Dundee announced as new commissioner of PPW--Mick Foley video interview--Dundee response
Steve Bradley/Spellbinder interview
PPW Title Match: Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley--Rocker/Dundee out
Brandon Baxter interview
Regulators interview
Clique 2000 (Spanky & Shooter & Dragon & Cade) vs Bulldog Raines & Khan & Blade & All That--DK out
Triad interview--attack Bulldog Raines
Mean Street Posse interview
Regulators vs Mean Street Posse--Dupps comes out
Slash (w/BB) vs Joey Abs--Jerry Lawler out
Jerry Lawler interview

Show 133   November 18, 2000
Jerry Lawler interview-Spell, Dundee out
Steve Bradley/Slash interview
Bobcat segment
MCW Light Heavyweight Title: Spanky vs Derrick King
Triad interview
Bill Dundee interview--Bobcat still out--Mick Foley video interview
Bobcat still out-hilarious--Kat out--Thrash/Lawler out
20 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contender to PPW Title
Jerry Lawler & Spellbinder vs Steve Bradley & Slash

Show 134  November 25, 2000
Spellbinder interview
Tracey Smothers interview
PPW Title Match: Spellbinder vs Tracey Smothers--Rocker; Seven out
Mick Foley/Lawler interview
Bill Dundee interview
Video of Brandon Baxter getting burned and Baxter at the doctor
Brandon Baxter interview
Regulators & Khan vs Alan Steel & Bulldog Raines & Brickhouse Brown
Rocky Johnson/Jerry Lawler interview
Derrick King vs The Rocker
Brandon Baxter segment with nurse (The Kat)--Lawler revealed as the doctor
Jerry Lawler (w/Kat) vs Slash (w/Baxter)

Show 135: December 2, 2000
Clips from last week
Bill Dundee interview
Spellbinder vs Seven
Debra/Jerry Lawler interview
Brandon Baxter at the doctor video (new)
Brandon Baxter interview--Lawler/Kat out
Jerry Lawler/Kat interview
Tracey Smothers/Lance Cade segment backstage
Derrick King & Blade & "All That" Alan Steel vs Spanky & American Dragon & Shooter Shultz
Steve Bradley/Victoria segment
Jerry Lawler/Stone Cold Steve Austin interview
Texas Street Fight: Tracey Smothers (w/Rocker) vs Lance Cade--Jason Sensation on commentary
Steve Bradley/Victoria segment
PPW TV Title Match: Khan (w/CB Wyatt) vs Bulldog Raines (new champ!!)
Jerry Lawler & The Kat vs Slash & Victoria--Baxter/Dundee/Bradley out

Show 136  December 9, 2000
Bulldog Raines interview
PPW TV Title: Bulldog Raines vs Tracey Smothers (w/Jason Sensation)--Lance Cade out
Bill Dundee interview
Brandon Baxter at the doctor video (new)
Jerry Lawler/Kat interview
Kliq attacks Derrick King from earlier in the day
Spellbinder interview
Derrick King vs Shooter Shultz--Spanky out: Rob Harlem out
Bradley/Victoria/Slash interview
CB Wyatt/Khan interview
Dupps interview--Bulldog; Spellbinder out
General Koko interview
Spanky & American Dragon vs "All That" Alan Steel & Blade
Jerry Lawler/Kat/Bill Dundee vs Steve Bradley/Slash/Victoria/Brandon Baxter

Show 37 December 16, 2000
General Koko interview
Spanky/American Dragon interview
Light Heavyweight Title: Spanky vs American Dragon--DK/Schultz out
Steve Bradley/Victoria interview
Jimmy Hart returns! Hart interview-Brandon Baxter out
Spellbinder interview
Lance Cade & Joey Abs interview
Lance Cade & Joey Abs vs Slash & Tracey Smothers
Jerry Lawler interview
NBC cuts in at this point for coverage of George Bush stuff--show never came back on

Show 138: December 23, 2000
Triple Threat Match: Molly Holly vs The Kat vs Victoria
Christmas wish video: Triple H
Christmas wish video: Edge
Jerry Lawler interview
American Dragon vs Derrick King
Christmas wish video: Raven
Christmas wish video: Terri Runnells
Mean Street Posse interview
Christmas wish video: JR and Lawler
Christmas wish video: Downtown Bruno
Blade & Lance Cade vs Steve Bradley & Shooter Schultz--Rob Harlem out
CB Wyatt/Khan/Bulldog Raines segment
Christmas wish video: The Kat & Jackie
Christmas wish video: Debra
Dupps interview
The Dupps vs Spellbinder & Bulldog--Bradley, Lawler, Vick, Seven, Cade, Abs out
Christmas wish video: The Rock
Christmas wish video: Mick Foley
Christmas Brawl with Tom Nunnery and all the wrestlers

Show 139  December 30, 2000
Spellbinder interview
Slash/Khan/Smothers/Rocker vs Blade/Bulldog/Brickhouse/Alan Steel-Rob Harlem out
Too Cool interview
Mean Street Posse interview
Spanky interview
Light Heavyweight Title: Spanky vs Derrick King
Raven interview
From 12/11/00 RAW: Jerry Lawler/Kwik/Dogg vs RTC
Steven Richards/Ivory interview
Koko/Sgt. Moore vs Jett Logan/Charlie Laird
Crash Holly interview
Seven/Slash interview
Lumberjack Match: Spellbinder vs Seven
Brandon Baxter interview

Show 140  January 6, 2001
Kat interview
Pete Gas interview-Bulldog Raines out
Pete Gas vs Bulldog Raines
Too Cool video interview
Jerry Lawler interview--Victoria/Koko/Moore/Slash/Bradley out
Commissioner Bill Dundee interview--Jerry Lawler in
Kliq 2000 interview--Jason Sensation joins the Kliq
Haas Brothers interview
Haas Brothers vs American Dragon & Shooter Schultz
Seven/Slash segment--Scott Vick in
Scott Vick (w/Seven) vs Lance Cade--Slash out
Lance Cade interview--Dupps out
Dupps interview
Dupps vs Blade & Alan Steel
Brandon Baxter interview
Lawler & Dundee & Spellbinder & Joey Abs vs Slash & Bradley & Koko & Moore (w/Victoria)

Show 141: January 13, 2001
Lance Cade/Joey Abs interview
Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher) arrives
Dupps interview
The Dupps vs Lance Cade & Joey Abs
Jerry Lawler/Kat/Bill Dundee interview--Steven Richards taped interview
Jerry Lawler & Bill Dundee (w/Kat) vs Steve Bradley & Slash (w/Victoria)-Scott Vick out
Ivory taped interview
Steve Bradley interview--Spellbinder out
Spellbinder vs Scott Vick--Seven/Bradley/Haas/Bulldog in
Crash Holly interview
Grandmaster Sexay interview--Scotty 2 Hotty interview via satellite--Posse come out
Mean Street Posse vs Haas Brothers--GM Sexay in
Victoria interview
Bulldog Raines & Derrick King & Alan Steel vs Kliq (Spanky & Dragon & Shooter Schultz)
Victoria vs Kat--Bradley/Slash/Lawler/Dundee/Posse/Haas Brothers out

Show 142 January 20, 2001
Dupps interview
Pete Gas interview
MCW Tag Titles: The Dupps vs Pete Gas--Rodney out
Seven/Scott Vick interview
Brandon Baxter interview
Khan (w/CB Wyatt) vs Derrick King
Joey Abs interview
Lance Cade/Kliq interview--Kliq attacks Cade
Spanky vs "All That" Alan Steel
Haas Brothers vs Scott Vick & Seven
PPW TV Title: Bulldog Raines vs Shooter Schultz
Steve Bradley/Victoria interview
PPW/MCW Unified Title: Steve Bradley vs Joey Abs--Spellbinder out

Show 143 January 27, 2001
Kliq interview--Lance Cade interview
Kliq vs Lance Cade & Derrick King & Alan Steel
Jerry Lawler taped interview
Brandon Baxter interview--Kat/Victoria out
Haas Brothers interview
Dupps interviews
MCW Southern Tag Titles: Dupps vs Haas Brothers--Blade out; Bo Snaps
Pete Gas interview
Handicap Match: Brandon Baxter vs Kat & Victoria
Baxter & Victoria attack Kat & Kat's sister
Rodney interview--becomes Rodrageous
PPW TV Title: Bulldog Raines vs Rodrageous
PPW/MCW Unified Title: Steve Bradley vs Pete Gas--Spellbinder out

Show 144 February 3, 2001
Lance Cade/Randy Hales segment
Recap of last week
Bill Dundee/Steve Bradley/Spellbinder interview
Jerry Lawler video interview
Bill Dundee/Brandon Baxter/Victoria/Kat interview--catfight!
Lance Cade unmasks American Dragon
Rodrageous interview
PPW TV Title: Rodrageous vs "All That" Alan Steel
Just Joe arrival
Kliq interview
Joey Abs & Lance Cade vs Shooter Schultz & American Dragon-Spanky; Pete Gas out
Derrick King/Seven/Scott Vick segment
Blade vs Spanky--Dupps/Haas Brothers out
Haas Brothers vs Lex Lovitt and Tyler Gates--Dupps out
PPW/MCW Unified Title: Steve Bradley (w/Victoria) vs Spellbinder--Kat/Baxter/Kliq/Gas out

Show 145 February 10, 2001
Brian Christopher comes out to cohost--stays the whole show
Kliq interview
American Dragon vs Lance Cade
Brandon Baxter & Victoria interview
Rodrageous interview
PPW TV Title: Rodrageous vs Derrick King
Dupps video interview
Just Joe arrival
Pete Gas/Joey Abs interview
Pete Gas/Joey Abs vs Dupps--Haas Brothers out
Dupps attack Haas Brothers
10 Man Hardcore Battle Royal (Featuring: Spellbinder, Seven, Tyler Gates, Bulldog Raines, Blade, Rob Harlem, Spanky, Shooter Schultz, Khan, & Rocker)
Brandon Baxter/Victoria/Bill Dundee interview--Bobby Eaton PPW Debut
Eaton/Christopher argue

Show 146 February 17, 2001
Jerry Lawler/Kat/Brandon Baxter/Bobby Eaton/Victoria/Bill Dundee interview
Lance Cade vs Tyler Gates
Brian Christopher joins to cohost
Haas Brothers interview
Charlie Haas vs Shooter Schultz--Dupps out
Kliq interview
Rodrageous interview
Pete Gas/Joey Abs interview
Pete Gas & Joey Abs vs Scott Vick & Seven
K-Kwik interview
Derrick King & Spellbinder vs Spanky & American Dragon-Just Joe out
Steve Bradley interview
Jerry Lawler vs Bobby Eaton (w/Baxter)-Kat/Victoria/Dundee out
Dundee/Lawler/Kat interview
Baxter/Eaton/Victoria interview

Show 147 February 24, 2017
Brandon Baxter/Bobby Eaton interview-Randy Hales out; Eaton and Baxter attack Hales!
Lance Cade vs Rocker
Rodrageous interview--Brian Christopher out
Shooter Schultz vs Bulldog Raines
Steve Bradley interview-Spellbinder/Joey Abs/Pete Gas out
#1 Contender Triple Threat Match: Spellbinder vs Joey Abs vs Pete Gas
Bikini Contest: Victoria vs Kat--Eaton/Baxter/Christopher out
PPW TV Title Match: Brian Christopher vs Rodrageous--Bradley/Eaton out

Show 148 March 3, 2001
Brandon Baxter/Bobby Eaton interview
Lance Cade vs Jobber
Spellbinder vs Jack Dupp
Bobby Eaton/Brandon Baxter attack TV-5 Employee in control room
Rodrageous taped interview
Rodrageous vs Danny DeLucci
Seven interview
Tag Titles: Haas Brothers vs Derrick King & Spanky
Eaton/Baxter interview-Dundee out--Eaton's son Dylan calls in
Alan Steel & Bulldog Raines vs Shooter Schultz & American Dragon
Joey Abs interview--Pete Gas out
PPW Title: Steve Bradley vs Pete Gas (Gas wins the PPW Title)
Joey Abs turns on Pete Gas

Show 149  March 10, 2001
Jonathan Coachman introduction as cohost
Brandon Baxter interview
Lance Cade vs Jack Dupp
Seven interview
Spellbinder vs Bo Dupp
PPW Tag Titles: Haas Brothers vs Shooter Schultz & American Dragon
PPW TV Title: Rodrageous vs Spanky
Bobby Eaton/Brandon Baxter/Victoria wedding angle--Dundee out
Bill Dundee interview
PPW Title: Pete Gas vs Joey Abs--Steve Bradley out
Lawler had quit WWF.  This is last show without WWF talent.

Show 150  March 17, 2001
Classic Jerry Lawler footage shown throughout the show
Derrick King vs Alan Steel--Rob Harlem out
Bill Dundee interview--Miles Long returns
Reggie B. Fine returns
Rob Harlem vs Flex--Derrick King out; Alan Steel out
Jerry Lawler/Stacy return interview--Brandon Baxter out; Spellbinder out (Heel turn)
Bill Dundee vs Miles Long
Spellbinder (w/Baxter) vs Bulldog Raines--Jerry Lawler out
Jerry Lawler interview
Note:  I went back and forth with WWF all week.  At first they said they did not want Lawler and WWF talent  on same show.  I talked them into allowing it if I did not put talent in segments with Lawler.  Jim Ross agreed.   Bruce called later and said Vince said no.  I had choice of Lawler or WWF developmental talent and I choose Lawler.  I had to redo the show and find talent at last minute. 

Show 151  March 24, 2001
Tracey Smothers returns-interview
Spellbinder (w/Brandon Baxter) vs Charlie Laird
Classic Footage: Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl
Randy Hales interview (RE: Losing the WWF Developmental Deal)--Baxter/Spell out
Alan Steel/Rob Harlem interview
"All That" Alan Steel & Rob Harlem vs Flex & Derrick King--Reggie B. Fine out
Classic Footage: Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett brawl with Moondogs
Bill Dundee/Kevin White interview--Miles Long out
Miles Long vs Bulldog Raines
Jerry Lawler taped interview
Stacy interview--Baxter/Spellbinder out. Baxter & Spell attack security until ALI returns!
Ali vs Tracey Smothers

Show 152  March 31, 2001
Ali interview
All That & Rob Harlem vs Flex & Bulldog Raines
Bill Dundee/Derrick King/Kevin White interview
Miles Long/Ashley Hudson/Cory Williams interview
Ashley Hudson & Cory Williams vs Derrick King & Kevin White
Brandon Baxter/Athena interview
Jerry Lawler/Stacy interview--Spellbinder/Brandon Baxter out
14 Man Battle Royal
Spellbinder interview

Show 153, April 7th, 2001
Flex/Reggie B. Fine interview--All That & Rob Harlem attack Flex-Ali saves
Ali/Flex interview
Kevin White/Derrick King int; Ashley Hudson/Kory Williams int
Kevin White & Derrick King vs Ashley Hudson & Kory Williams
Brandon Baxter/Spellbinder interview--Jerry Lawler/Stacy video interview
Spellbinder attacks Dustin Starr--Bulldog Raines save-Justice out
Brother Ernest int; joins for commentary
Bulldog Raines interview
Ali & Flex vs Rob Harlem & All That
Justice interview
Bulldog Raines vs Justice--Big brawl to end the show with everyone

Show 154:  April 14, 2001
Randy Hales interview about it being the last show--Baxter/Spellbinder out
Ali interview
Ali vs Lance Jade
Jerry Lawler/Stacy interview
Rob Harlem/Alan Steel/Logan/Laird/Reggie vs Bulldog/DK/Blade/Flex/Kevin White
Brandon Baxter vs Stacy
Jerry Lawler vs Spellbinder


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